The Neat Glass- For Spirit Connoisseurs

Spirits are meant to be savored. A twelve-year barrel-aged whiskey, a ceremonious smoked mezcal, and a tequila with distinct terroir all have something in common. They took time. The different notes of these spirits tell a story starting at the front, reaching climax in the middle, and finishing at the back of the palate. This statement could sound dramatic, but that’s most likely because you’ve never tasted liquor the way it is meant to be tasted.

Glassware matters

It turns out, glassware carries more functionality than just being a vessel for a beverage. In fact, it has the power to distort the taste of it completely. The reason behind that is that ethanol alcohol dulls your sense of smell. Unfortunately, taste relies heavily on olfactory sensors.

Moreover, traditional glassware usually has a narrow rim which traps both ethanol and spirit notes in a small space. A wider rim gives more room for evaporation which lets the ethanol escape. Without this, you experience that classic burning sensation when drinking a spirit. Above all, one company believes spirits are meant to be enjoyed not endured.

The NEAT glass

The NEAT glass is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of the official spirits glass of major competitions. NEAT stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. They’ve become a leader in the industry due to their patented product. They state that this design,

“Displays all aromas for easy detection removing nose-numbing ethanol to expose the truth about spirits quality. Whether you collect or truly enjoy spirits, NEAT enhances your experience as you savor all character aromas that define your favorite scotch whisky, bourbon whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, cognac, vodka, port, sherry, and liqueurs.”

Ultimately, you swirl with purpose and drink with pleasure when you use the NEAT glass. This consumer of this product is as varied as the kinds of liquors and alcohols poured past its rim. See what the hype is about by checking out this verified supplier today.

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Author:  Christine Duff

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