The Petra Wholesale Promise

The Petra Wholesale Promise

America runs on small businesses; it is the backbone of innovation. Entrepreneurship takes capital, courage, and access to a supply of goods with the right margins. This vision was that of Founder and CEO Bill Stewart who started Petra Wholesale, a wholesale distributor in 1985. He sought to provide small businesses with quality, name-brand products that were usually reserved for bigger household names. 

From Humble Beginnings to Hundreds of Brands 

In the last 15 years, Petra Wholesale has made its way from Mr. Stewart’s garage to a state-of-the-art 525,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Edmond, Oklahoma. The company that began by selling blank cassettes at wholesale prices now boasts an extensive product selection of14,800 SKUs and 800 brands. Their product categories span from gaming, housewares, automotive accessories, outdoor, fitness, personal electronics, home entertainment, security, appliance accessories and more.

The passion behind Petra Wholesale has actualized. It joined the official distributor list of brands like Garmin, Pioneer, Uniden, Canon, HP, Conair and many more. Petra has garnered an impressive roster of name-brands by its unique approach to business. Their commitment to evolving with the times has made them a resource and natural partner to the modern entrepreneur in the digital age. 

They utilized the rise of e-commerce as an opportunity to become dispensable to clients through the implementation of specific services. Petra offers drop shipping, blind shipping, and product feeds with up-to-date product information. Also, they provide coast-to-coast shipping and most orders placed by 3 PM ship the same day. 

The Petra Wholesale Promise 

On top of thousands of name-brand products, Petra Wholesale aims to be your source for everything wholesale. A dedicated sales and support staff is here to help your business succeed. Their knowledge is unparalleled as they are continually researching industry trends to be a trusted source of information for clients. This expertise in drop shipping, blind shipping, and pick, pack and ship logistics, and emerging technologies help them give you a leg up in the industry. 

On top of their trusted partners and clients, Petra Wholesale has gained recognition from industry leaders. They were named Walmart’s 2017 E-commerce Supplier of the Year. Also, they hold membership of CTA, CEDIA, NACS, and CCRA. Check them out at

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