Toilet Tattoos Can Transform your Lids in Seconds

by Claudia Bruemmer

Toilet Tattoos removable appliqués give consumers a new way to beautify their toilet lids. For years, the only toilet decorating options were the rug-like covers that grandma used or the more permanent decorative seats. But now, a new patent-pending concept in toilet décor called Toilet Tattoos® is designed to satisfy the 21st century lifestyle need for an easy-to-use, quickly changeable toilet lid decorating solution.

Toilet Tattoos® are the only toilet lid embellishment on the market that are removable, reusable and wipe clean. These appliqués can transform the look of a toilet by simply peeling them off, placing them on the toilet lid and smoothing them out. Because Toilet Tattoos® are made from electrostatic vinyl film; they are reusable and will not harm the toilet lid when removed.

Toilet Tattoos® come in a wide array of designs including classic patterns, wallpaper styles, whimsical themes, floral scenes, seasonal and holiday motifs and more. New this year, customers will be able to create their own custom Toilet Tattoo® from their own photographs or artwork − or personalize a Toilet Tattoo® with their monogram.

Asked where she got the idea for Toilet Tattoos®, fashion design entrepreneur Celeste Massullo said she couldn’t find what she wanted on the market. “I wanted to decorate my toilet in a creative, modern and clean way, but soon realized that toilet décor products had not changed for decades,” said Massullo. “So I created Toilet Tattoos® to give consumers a contemporary and simple choice to decorate their commode.”

“This is a great new product for retailers,” said Massullo. “We can also do custom made Toilet Tattoos with the retailer’s design for very low minimums,” she added. Asked about the company’s major strength, Massullo replied, “We have a unique product, made in the USA, which has a very broad audience and solves a problem. We stock everything so our turnaround time is very quick, usually within 48 hours.”

One thing that differentiates Toilet Tattoos from its competitors is the fact that it has a patent pending on Toilet Tattoos. “The rug toilet topper is outdated and not clean and has fitting issues,” said Massullo. “Our Toilet Tattoos are modern, wipe clean and are sized to fit both round and elongated seats,” she added. “You need to install decorative toilet seats and then you are committed to that pattern, she continued. “With Toilet Tattoos you just peel, place and smooth, and in seconds you can change the look of your lid,” she opined.

Toilet Tattoos also sells other bathroom products, gift holiday and seasonal, home décor and general merchandise. The minimum order is 36 pieces of any assortment, FOB Ohio.

“Our product sells because it is unique, fun and priced right, and every person has one toilet in their household, on average three,” said Massullo. At the moment, the company does not have any competitors as they are the inventors and patent-pending holders for this product.

When asked about her prognosis for business in 2012, Massullo said, “So far, our business is up 35 percent over last year. We continue to grow as other companies are struggling in this economy and that is because our product has a broad audience, is priced right and is clever, different and fun. At the same time, it’s a solution for the consumer who wants to decorate their toilet without spending a lot of money and wants a beautiful modern look. The end consumer is the final judge and they love Toilet Tattoos®.”

Contact Celeste Massullo at:
Lena Fiore’, Inc.
1039 Riviera Way
Macedonia, Ohio 44056
Telephone: (330) 468-3226
Fax: (330) 467-0672

Author:  Claudia Bruemmer

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