Top 10 Vendors To Stock Items For Mothers Day

Natalie D’Or

Natalie D’Or is a wholesale jewelry company established in 2014 in Naples, Florida. The idea for the company came from the owner receiving a lovely garnet necklace for Christmas, receiving it at just the right time to spark an interest in founding a jewelry company, and her mother was a jewelry merchant as well. Natalie D’Or imports jewelry from Czech Republic, known as the “heart of Europe,” and specializes in gold bridal jewelry and custom made items.

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Western Express Inc

Western Express Inc was founded in the 1970s and is also a second generation wholesale business. They specialize in western accessories, including cowboy hats. They also sell bolo ties, belt buckles, bandanas and western-style jewelry.

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LA Jewelry Creations

LA Jewelry Creations is another family business, beginning in 1979 in Los Angeles. Quality made the owner’s grandfather a respected jeweler and they have continued the tradition of quality while updating the company to the modern times. They stock a wide variety of sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry.

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Aromar has a large variety of fragrance oils and aromatherapy supplies, strictly for wholesale purposes. They pride themselves on the honesty and quality of their business with an emphasis on getting orders filled quickly. They also sell incense and tea lights.

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FragranceX is America’s Largest Fragrance Outlet. They sell all of the major big name brands of perfume like Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, and Versace, at a discounted price. They also sell skin care products and makeup.

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Royal Handicrafts

Royal Handicrafts focuses on importing and wholesaling Nepalese handcrafted accessories and products. It was established in Hayward, California in 2004. While they employ more than 500 workers in Nepal, they set themselves apart by improving the standards of living for their employees and make sure they have good working conditions. Royal Handicrafts sells jewelry, clothing and other accessories.

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OrangeShine is an online marketplace for fashion and accessories with a Christian background. They are dedicated to helping less fortunate children around the world. Manufacturers and designers can use their ecommerce marketplace to promote their products.

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Got Shades

Got Shades is a more than 20-year-old company dedicated to wholesale sunglasses. They were established in 1983 in Industry, California, and have become one of the leading sunglass wholesalers. They offer a large selection at a good quality and a very low defective rate. Their customers include street fairs, mall kiosks and other online stores.

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LA Showroom

LA Showroom is a large wholesale fashion marketplace, connecting buyers and retailers with manufacturers and designers. They always get new stuff in and offer pre-screened collections. The online shopping marketplace makes it easy for retailers to purchase from several manufacturers at the same time. They also offer fashion photography, web admin and email campaigns to their vendors.

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Ruby Imports

Ruby Imports works out of Memphis, Tennessee and are a faily-run business. They offer top-of-the-line jewelry and accessories, and they stand by their products. Ruby Imports offers everything from prom accessories to beaded jewelry to sterling silver and turquoise.

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