Top Ten New Exhibitors Featured at ASD

TopTen New Exhibitors Featured at ASD Trade Show

We’re all about what’s new. New products, new companies and most importantly, new exhibitors at ASD! We spent yesterday scouting the showroom floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center to find new and innovative companies making their debut. Here are some of our favorite finds in the b2b world!

TopTen New Exhibitors Featured at ASD

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EE Distribution

A division of Entertainment Earth, Inc., EE Distribution knows how to make life a little more fun. Or, at least cuter. They are a wholesale toy distributor whose product line of action figures, gifts, and collectibles introduces you to a world of play. Some of your favorites like Pusheen the Cat, are all available at incredible prices. 

TTopTen New Exhibitors Featured at ASD

Image courtesy of @TopTenWholesale.com_

Go Green Hemp

This company presents a completely different take on “going green.” The company began when one of the founder’s had an injury and believed there had to be a better plan of action than an ongoing opioid prescription. With a determination to help himself and others, the company went to work to harness the natural and powerful properties of CBDTheir product line ranges from oils, gel capsules, balms, cartridges, gummies and pet products.

TopTen New Exhibitors Featured at ASD

Image courtesy of @TopTenWholesale.com_

Community Coffee

Community Coffee may have been around since 1919, but this is the first year they are at ASD! It may have taken them almost a hundred years to get to the show, but we’re happy their here. Their passion for sourcing the perfect bean and roasting the perfect cup is evident. This is a company that has been around for four generations and survived everyone’s Starbucks addiction. So, we’ll raise a glass (or warm mug) to that.

High Arts Studios

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Disjointed, you may already know the work of High Arts Studios. Their collection is comprised of artistic interpretations of the 420 experiences. “Pineapple Express” evokes the feeling of going somewhere different either physically or mentally. The “Golden Goat” depicts a goat in the mountains on an early morning meant to symbolize the idea of a “wake n bake.” What’s truly unique is how these images are subtle in nature. You can hang these in your home and if someone has never had “that experience” then they will just think it’s a really cool piece of décor. But, if you know…you know.

Rosy Deals

Want to be a retailer, but don’t want to deal with that pesky little thing called…sourcing? Rosy Deals can take care of that part of the job for you so you can focus on selling. With 6 years’ experience, they are well versed in finding quality products with healthy margins.

Bedding Outlet

Bedding is an important purchase for a consumer. If you don’t like the aesthetic, you are forced to look at in day in and day out in only the most personal of settings. If it is uncomfortable…you’re screwed. Bedding Outlet combines both look and feel and delivers on the price. Even better, they’re a fun bunch that will let you test out their offerings. But, if you lay down, you may not want to get up and that is not a way to discreetly take a nap on the showroom floor. 

TopTen New Exhibitors Featured at ASD

Image courtesy of @TopTenWholesale.com_


Somehow Las Vegas finds a way to exhaust you, even if you are not partaking it all that makes it “Sin City.” Long days of travel and walking these floors can make even the most energetic of us, a little tired and weary. Walking (or trudging) up to the Sleepwalker booth was a blessing in disguise. Just a colorful little bottle of Sleepwalker contains B vitamins, amino acids and bit of caffeine that will revive and focus you without the crash.

Boulder Case Company

Boulder Case Company comes at you from, you guessed it, Boulder, Colorado. The home of the Rockies has a gorgeous geographic landscape that makes outdoor activities a part of its DNA. Since we are all addicted to having our electronics and other valuables with us while we adventure, it only makes sense to keep them safe. This is where this company is on to something. Durable, waterproof plastic cases will protect the most delicate of your possessions from rocks, water and all other of life’s little “accidents.”

 Just CBD

Business is booming for the CBD industry and there is no place more evident than here. Simply put, this is one of the most innovative industries at the moment, which coincides with the consumer push for natural products. Just CBD has all natural hemp products in sleek and inviting design that has a place on every countertop.

Cute Pet USA

Having an Instagram-worthy pet is almost as important as having an Instagram-worthy outfit. Social media aside, it is still important to make sure that with style comes substance. That is the case with Cute Pet USA. Plush pet beds and luxurious leashes will make sure that your pet’s essentials are comfortable and high-quality, while having the added benefit of design.


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