Top Ten: Surprising Fashion Industry Facts

Top Ten: Surprising Fashion Industry Facts

They say fashion is fickle and full of surprise. But, it is more than just what looks will we see strut down Marc Jacob’s Spring runway show or what will come out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth next. Here are some lesser known facts about our beloved industry from employment to imports, to personal spending and New York Fashion Week.

  1. 60 million people are employed by the fashion industry. This covers everything from designers to seamstresses to fashion buyers in the supply chain.


  1. To further drive home this point, states, “The amount of people working on everything from yarn production right through to retail is roughly equivalent to the entire population of Italy.”


  1. China’s textile production is responsible for over half of all production in the world. The exact number rings in at about 54% according to Business Vibes. Their output is given an edge due to cheap labor and an abundance of resources. Outputting more than just textiles, this industry creates 3 billion tons of soot as a by-product in China.


  1. Germany reigns supreme with paying their garment workers a fair wage. On the other hand, the Philippines is the lowest-paying country.


  1. The number one importer of apparel is yours truly. The US receives the most garments in its ports each year than any other country on Earth.


  1. We also have the most retail space per person which very well may be the cause of all the imports. We have to stock those store shelves somehow. To put it in perspective, we have 7.3 sq. ft. per capita versus 1.7 in countries like Japan and


  1. The United States in number one AGAIN! Residents of Manhattan, New York spend the most on clothing at $362 per person per month.


  1. In opposition, the people who spend the least on clothing are those who hail from Tucson, Arizona. These Arizonans only ring up $131 of stylish wares per person per month. Can’t say I am surprised… (#GoDevils)


  1. Fashion is good for the economy; especially if you are New York. Fashion week in the city generates around $20 million into economy according to Attire Club.


  1. The same woman Ruth Finley has been coordinating the fashion week calendar for the last 65 years and the shows are attended annually by 232,000 fashionable insiders and connoisseurs alike.


Author:  Christine Duff

Christine wants to live in a world filled with cutting edge fashion, beautiful words and and an endless supply of leather jackets and boots. A product development grad of FIDM, she was the Editor-in-Chief of MODE Magazine where she reignited her love of storytelling. She has diverse experience within the industry with trend research, art direction and styling editorial spreads. She gained her most notable experience working in Los Angeles at the satellite operation for GQ and Vogue Thailand. Christine is passionate about social science and the role it plays in the consumer goods industry and apparel in particular.

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