Top Three Reasons Buyers Don’t Miss ASD Market Week

If you are in the wholesale buying business, you might have already heard of ASD Market Week. It’s the tradeshow that takes place every summer and spring in Las Vegas. It’s also the largest consumer merchandise buying show in the U.S., connecting more than 2,700 vendors and countless buyers in gift, home, electronics, beauty, private label, CBD, and – you name it.

ASD Market Week hosts the widest variety of product categories so that 45,000 attendees can come together with the main purpose of writing orders and enhancing business.

And with such a huge show and so much to offer – including more than 80 educational sessions from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts in RFID, visual merchandising, private label, sourcing, and more – ASD Market Week took a look at its latest survey results and discovered just why its buyers continue to come year after year, and even start dropping other trade shows along the way.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, here are the top three reasons ASD attendees revealed.

1. What better place to discover new products? In its most recent trade in July 2019, 81 percent of participating buyers came to ASD to discover new products.

With more than 400 brand new vendors exhibiting at ASD every show, ASD buyers can see, touch, and learn all about products just coming to the market. Better yet, even before arriving at the show, they get a sneak peek of new vendors by checking out the Vendor Preview Guide. You’re in luck. They just released the Vendor Preview Guide for the next show in March online here.

2. Buyers come to the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise to place orders and make buying decisions. Primarily an order-writing show, 59 percent of participating buyers said they came to ASD in July 2019 simply to place orders. With ASD happening all in one place at one time, it’s a no-brainer to lessen their expenses traveling to multiple shows with the same products when they can see it all and more at ASD.

“I go to five different markets, and this is, by far, the most profitable market. We keep finding better and better deals the more aisles we go down.” Bruce Leahy, owner, Quips N’ Quotes.

3. At ASD Market Week, buyers come from across the country to keep up to date with the wholesale industry and understand consumer trends. 44 percent of survey participants in July 2019 understand ASD’s value in being present where the rest of the industry is.

With nightly networking events, this is where relationships are started and nurtured, and sales are inspired with in-the-know information directly from their successful peers. Plus, buyers and vendors are defining higher margins on the show floor by communicating face-to-face – something they couldn’t get online.

“We would never miss this show. Ever. We bring three buyers, we’re here four days, and we work every aspect. The prices are great, so it’s a very profitable show for us.” Christie Manry, buyer, Hallmark.

The next ASD Market Week is set to take place this spring on March 22-25, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. You can still save $45 and register for free now at”

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