Top Wholesale Products Predictions for 2011

Finding out what the top Wholesale Products for this year are going to be, is a big priority for those in the industry right now. After a bustling holiday season to wrap up 2010 – along with a slow start to some of the categories that were already sagging a bit last year – the decision to source the best products that will be in demand is more important than ever before.

It looks like we’re down to some very unique and interesting choices in the market today, where the hot products of the year are concerned. Many of the biggest draws will be in the electronics area, with handsets and computers narrowing their divide more and more each month, and other forms of technology taking the consumer world by storm. On the other hand, there are a good number of non-technical devices and products that will be making headlines as well. Here then, is a list of the top ten items that will be up for grabs this year, as we anticipate the big winners for 2011:

Handbags and other Fashion Accessories – ¬†With extra attention to the myriad of designer inspired handbags that continue to attract consumers, there will be a huge number of options for dealers wanting to offer consumers who are looking for a faux or real leather item, and especially without paying a painfully steep price. The styles change as often as the seasons do, and it’s been proven that consumers are on the lookout for high style at low prices, any time of year.

Smartphones – There has never been a better time to see technology making leaps and bounds, in order to keep up with consumer demand, and to allow manufacturers to remain ahead of their competitors. The size of these devices will continue to get smaller, but the feature set they contain will continue to grow.

Fashion Accessories – While the topic of handbags has already been covered, the remaining category in fashion accessories deserves special recognition as well. Everything from hats, scarves, stockings, and leggings will be making the rounds; and with the price of cotton soaring to new heights this year, there will be a lot of opportunities for smart wholesalers who know how to source fast and cheap.

Personal Wellness – Everything from scents to salves will be on offer, and the techies out there will love the fact that electronic devices are now producing soothing sounds for everyone from babies to stressed-out adults needing to unwind after a long day. Prices for these gadgets will not be in the exorbitant range, either, as developing nations have become rather adept at catching up to the heavy-hitters with products that come at nearly the same quality level, and about half the price.

GPS and other Navigation Systems – We all know that there’s no place like home, but getting there might not always be so easy. GPS and navigation systems of all kinds will be making their mark this year, as cars sell around the world in markets that were previously inaccessible to the auto industry. With all the new roads and new vehicles hitting the streets, there will be a huge need for suppliers who can get quality GPS systems to the people who demand them.

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories – A third appearance on this list is well-deserved, since the jewelry market has exploded with DIY and custom pieces hitting the market in force. Everything from cut glass to semi-precious stones will be making waves, and the need for business who can distribute these small but precious items will be in high demand as well.

Automated Cooking Gadgets – Let’s face it; not everyone’s a chef, and with families needing more time to spend together, it leaves less time to be slaving away over a hot stove. Intelligent sensors on standard consumer cooking devices make life a little better, and the food’s not bad either.

TV Trends – HDTV caught on, and so will 3D this year. The addition of nice touches like MPEG capability and USB slots right on board are making it hard to resist getting a new set for the house. Add to the growing list of features a built-in Blu-ray player, and you’ve got what sounds like a sure winner in home entertainment.

E-Bike Revolution – More countries around the world are turning to e-bikes as urban transport solutions become necessary. In China alone, the sale of e-bikes has become legendary. In Italy and other countries in the EU, the options surrounding e-bike imports are gaining favor as well. Suppliers are looking high and low for wholesalers who can gain access to markets they desire, and this year will serve as a model for the years to follow.

Notepads – Last but not least, the notepad PC is going to continue its upward climb towards overturning the laptop’s grip on a market that has securely been theirs for the past couple of decades. As companies like Apple and Samsung lead the race to develop more devices with consumer appeal, followers will set their own trends as well.

Wholesale Products come and go, but the business remains strong and stable. With all the choices available to those in the wholesale and buyer networks, the choice should be just a little easier with this handy top ten list.

Author:  Rueben Marley

Based out of China since 2006, Rueben Marley has a unique and first-hand perspective on what's shaping the industry today. Learn more about Rueben's career by visiting his Linkedin profile at

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