Toronto Tourism Board Actively Supporting The Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo

Bonnie HowellRecently, the Executive Meeting Specialist for Business Events Toronto, Bonnie Howell (left), expressed the full support of the Toronto Tourism Board for upcoming Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo which is being produced by J.P. Communications, Inc.

J.P. Communications, Inc. is responsible for such companies as and

On his recent 10 day trip to the event host city (Toronto), J.P.Communications, Inc CEO, Jason Prescott; met with Howell to discuss the opportunities available in the city. While meeting with Howell, Prescott was able to secure the full support of Toronto Tourism Board in offering patrons and attendees transportation from the airport hotel to the International Centre in Toronto where the event will be held.

Another great announcement that will benefit attendees is the discounted transportation that will be offered within the downtown core to the convention centre. More information on that to follow in the coming weeks.

Learn more about the Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo or register for the event.

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