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Have you heard the idiom “in fine feather” used to describe someone? Generally, it refers to a person who is well dressed, and in a good mood. However, it also seems appropriate in relation to one of Spring 2015’s trends in apparel. If you are looking to purchase trendy clothes wholesale to stock your retail establishment with, consider feathers.

They say that birds fly south for the winter then return home during the spring, and it appears as though they brought with them their influence on fashion for the season. Feather prints and actual feathers are in keeping with the ideas of movement and texture that were popular with designers for S/S 2015. The idea of taking flight represents newness. This motif is the perfect one for ushering in a new season. Not to mention, if the phrase “light as a feather” holds, S/S is the appropriate season for light and airy influence. For those who are fans of fur, but do not live in an area where wearing fur would make sense during the spring and summer months, feathers make a great alternative.

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In Fine Feather




























1. Active Basic Kimono    2. Urbanista Fedora      3. Dygarni Blouse      4. Olive & Pique Scarf      5. Zen Spell Tank      6. April Skirt      7. AG Studio Cocktail Dress      8. Apple Hip      9. Leto Collection Headband

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt


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