Trendosaur Let’s You Discover Products Before Your Competition

For those who are in the retail business, Trendosaur is perhaps the greatest website ever created. Their website is a subscription based service that scans through thousands upon thousands of sales and registers the top selling products. It all happens in real time and it takes date from sites all across the globe. Some examples of websites they pull date from include Ebay, Groupon, LivingSocial, and Alibaba.

Supporting both Buyers and Sellers

Trendosaur is one of the first businesses to actually support both the buyer and the seller at the same time. It lets the buyer know what items have been selling all across the world. This helps them narrow down their choice when deciding on a product. It also helps them weed out the bad products from the good. All the information is available the second a product sells on the market no matter where it comes from.

No Hassle Product Reporting

It also helps retailers because Trendosaur lets companies know which products are selling and which ones aren’t. This allows them to stock appropriately according to the numbers. This can really save money and time in the long run. It also really helps answer an important question for all businesses, what products should I be selling? It also comes with some customization features which allows companies to monitor personalized and live category reports which is updated constantly.

Trendosaur has only been public for about three months now. It is growing rapidly and already has an enormous base of retailers logging on. Competition in the retail space is extremely fierce and this simply encourages each company to stay on top of their game. Especially when it’s a western company competing with a cheaper company located somewhere in Asia. Customers now have a behind the scenes look at products and there is a greater level of transparency.

In the end, Trendosaur is a great resource for buyers and sellers. It allows a buyer to hand pick the best product based on extremely up to date information. For sellers, it gives them the ability to learn more about their merchandise saving them lots of guessing time as well as money spent on the wrong products.

Contact Trendosaur:

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AUS: +61730407009

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