Turning a Boutique into a Buyer

Are you a wholesaler who is fed up with unsuccessful trade show events and waiting around for that big sale to happen? Are you frustrated with having to sit outside in bad weather and sit around bored and tired at a show? Maybe you would like a more powerful method of developing a consistent influx of real buyers and income. If that is the case, it is high time you thought about selling your wholesale products to boutique owners.

When you are pricing your items for sale to a boutique owner, you need to remember that the retailer is likely to apply a 50 percent market up on the wholesale price. You need to be able to make a profit, but the retailer also needs to be able to make money. Price your products too high and they will sit on a boutique shelf collecting dust and reducing the success of your next sell. Price them too low and you won’t make the money you need to make it worth your while. Consider these factors when you are preparing to sell to a boutique at wholesale prices.

The question of volume is an important one. You don’t want to run out of product when your product is just starting to sell. You will need to have a big enough inventory to address demand, or at minimum, the ability to produce the product quickly.

So with so many potential negatives that you might face if you don’t plan your marketing and selling practices carefully, how can selling your products to a boutique benefit you at all? There are many advantages you ‘ll gain when you start working with boutiques. First, once you get a few locations to beging buying from you, you can have a steadier stream of income coming in, and the boutique owner will be able to have someone dependable to buy products from as well. Second, when you work with smaller boutiques, you can get insiden industry tips related to the latest jewelry trends. Third, you can find out what their customers are saying about your products and tweak the products to conform to customer demand.

Of course, the chief benefit of selling to boutique owners is the opportunity to build long lasting business relationships – and those relationships can become friendships too.

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