Uvicon’s flagship product Clip2Keep

Creating solutions to consumer’s everyday problems is what establishes a company as a successful product developer. With merely two years in business, the young company Uvicon has created products that have vastly impacted the market. Under the leadership of founder and CEO, Mr. Avi Bar, Uvicon has maintained an ethos “to provide a universal solution that enhances professionalism & efficiency at work.


Uvicon is the designer and distributor of Clip2Keep™, the company’s flagship product. Clip2Keep™ is a straw holder for aerosol cans. While this may sound unassuming, this has helped consumers and professionals save money, reduce environmental impact, and maintain efficiency.

Save money
Most aerosol cans come with tape to adhere the straw to the container after use. While this is effective for some time, the adhesive usually wears out from repeated use. When the straw gets lost on the job, then the user now has an unusable can of product. Repeatedly purchasing the same product, again and again, is both a waste of time and money.

Reduce the environmental impact
Partially used aerosol cans are a drain on the ecosystem. Not only do they end up in landfills, but the solution inside them will leak and end up in the soil or water systems.

Maintain efficiency
The purpose of the straw is to enable the user to spray the product in the desired area directly. The straw is particularly needed when spraying into small and deep spaces. Without precision, many users were stuck, spending more time and product to get the same result.

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