Vapor and Tobacco Talk Turkey

E-cigarettes are becoming ever more popular, multitudes of flavors and ingredients, and new ones created almost every day. has raised the bar. We offer you an incredible range of e-cig CBD cartridges, with excellent medicinal properties, and totally legal in all states.

There are literally hundreds of companies out there all screaming for a slice of the e-cig pie. Price and quality vary widely, as does the touted health benefits and the hidden dangers. is one of the responsible companies. We believe you have the right to enjoy your vaping experience, without the risk of cancer causing chemicals that have been found in many other brands. After all, that’s likely why you gave up smoking cigarettes in the first place.

We use only vegetable glycerin in all our products. The majority of the others use propylene glycol, a man made product. Our e-liquids are alkaline, compared to the other 99% that are acid based.

All Hookahzz products are made right here in the United States. Over 90% of all others are made in China, with a corresponding drop in quality and safety standards.

Our products contain Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and the amino acid GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. A great many anxiety disorders are related to low GABA levels in the brain, such as panic attacks, seizure disorders, addiction, headaches and cognitive impairment. Many people take GABA to relieve symptoms of anxiety, PMS, and ADHD.

Our CBD products are the best on the market, safe and effective. If you have a medical condition for which you currently smoke, try our excellent alternative. CBD is a totally different chemical from THC, and will not give you the high associated with smoking marijuana, but offers all the therapeutic benefits you have come to expect from your smoking. And it doesn’t ruin your lungs. What more could you want?

We offer both nicotine and nicotine free options of e-liquids, and many people have had success using our products to quit smoking, or transition to an obviously healthier option.

Our range of six flavors will also have something to please everyone, including Double Applezz and Fresh Mintzz.

Our e-hookahs were the first on the market, and have remained there ever since, offering consistent high quality and home grown value. We’re also a wholesale CBD supplier, and can come up with some great deals for you or your customers. Our e-liquid containers are fully child safe, and full of 18 mg of top grade CBD.

Come see us at TPC Booth 8021, and see our range. Try our products. They’re really quite impressive. Let’s do business.

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