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LOS ANGELES – On January 7 of this year, residents of the “Eureka” state had a chance to strike gold that morning, and take a look inside the 240,000 square feet of warehouse space at Via Trading. During a live newscast, TV personality Allie MacKay took a tour of the facilities with Via’s Nathania Stambouli, as they perused aisle after aisle of the spacious area, and pointed out deals that are too good to pass up, for just about anybody. Here are some of the highlights from the visit.

“Anything you want!” Announced MacKay, as she swept her arm out towards hundreds of boxes lined up in neat aisles along the floor. “Name something that you want a whole pallet of.”

It’s not such a strange question. Via Trading, which has been gaining quite a bit of ground over other wholesalers in the past few years, is making a name for itself. Customers from all walks of life are starting to recognize the company as a one-stop shop for virtually everything they could possibly use in their own pursuit of getting ahead by buying cheap, and selling at a profit.

Nathania continued by explaining that all kinds of goods could be found at Via including shoes, makeup, home items, electronics, accessories, and much more. She smiled as she told MacKay “Anything that you could find in a department store ends up at Via trading.”

Via Trading presents a real solution for people who are looking to start up their own businesses, including those who have little or no experience with selling goods. With deals on small loads and boxes of goods, there is a price point for virtually anyone. Some of those who can benefit from Via’s flexible buying options are:

  • Stay at home moms who want to have makeup parties.
  • People who want to go into business for themselves.
  • People who already own discount stores.

Since this is an excellent chance for those who are entrepreneurial and business minded to make their own futures by making extra money on the side, it certainly doesn’t hurt that some of the most well-known brand names that everyone recognizes are also available to buyers who walk through Via’s doors.

Another point to consider is the fact that for a relatively small investment, boxes of goods can be bought at the lowest prices, and then turned around for a profit. For example, 500 pieces of clothing could be picked up for 399 dollars, which comes in at about less than 80 cents per garment. At those kinds of savings, it’s hard to imagine a better way to make the sales count, than to go with such a no-frills approach like this one.

Additionally, it’s easy to tell exactly what you are getting in a load, since Via has created a system to help buyers identify their selections based on their personal needs and budget.

Many packages and loads are marked with a tag that tells you what the overall value of the load is – and what the price is as well – which gives a good idea about what kinds of profits can be expected from the package. The majority of pallets and loads will be “surprise loads” with a mix of products from a given category of merchandise, while others will come with a manifest detailing what’s inside.

Visitors to the Via site can learn more by following their blog or by browsing the contents of their comprehensive online catalog.

Via Trading makes it easy to find opportunity amidst the thousands of items that have been left or returned to major department stores across the nation.

Author:  Rueben Marley

Based out of China since 2006, Rueben Marley has a unique and first-hand perspective on what's shaping the industry today. Learn more about Rueben's career by visiting his Linkedin profile at

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