A Washhouse With A New View

When you purchase denim items that are “washed” in one way or another, what does that mean?  Washing denim after manufacturing takes place in a wash house and is done for the designer or manufacturer to achieve a certain look.

Generally, the process is very simple.  The garments or material is dropped off.  The designer tells the facility manager what kind of finish is desired.  The designer leaves the facility and returns to pick up the completed samples.  End of process.  The designer may or may not have gotten the desired finish.  The process used remains with the washhouse.  

There are two problems with this method.  First, the designer is not sure of exactly what finish they will be seeing.  Second, the designer cannot reproduce the process. BPD Washhouse broke with tradition when they opened.  

Designers are welcome at the washhouse to watch the process and work with the staff to learn what is being done.  If a designer does not like the way the finished product is looking, they are able to interrupt the process and make any corrections they think are necessary.

Because the BPD Washhouse is close to New York City, there is a line at the door of designers looking to develop looks, not just in denim jeans, but with knits and other woven materials. They work with a broad list of projects.  One day they will be working with brands and products intended for the mass market to high end designs. The BPD Washhouse works with designers who have a variety of needs.  They have clients who are just starting production and need just a few items treated to a large manufacturer needing some assistance with development. BPD gives clients the recipes used in their washing process which allows them to recreate what was done on their own.

BPD recently began classes for designers and merchandisers so that they would understand the process and know the consequences and costs of making a change.

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