Watches International is Redefining Luxury

Watches International is a leading importer and trusted wholesaler of Men’s Hip Hop Fine watches and fashion jewelry in the USA. Based in Houston, Watches International was founded in 2000 by talented master watchmakers. They have dedicated their lives to the art of delivering the highest-quality, state-of-the-art timepieces. They are on par with the most well-known and best watches available.

Luxury Doesn’t Have to Be Unattainable

At Watches International, they’re guided and inspired by their mission to “redefine luxury.” In addition, they’ve established their credibility as a reliable manufacturer with a vision of the future. This has given them an outstanding reputation in the industry for their enduring commitment to providing exceptional products, services, and support for their customers.

Those at the helm of Watches International go beyond offering pieces of jewelry and wrist watches that are a mere collection of luxury status items. By leveraging their skills and talents they’re able to deliver products that are as exciting, clever, and innovative as they are “fancy.” This is something even the most passionate collectors with a keen eye for detail will love.

Expansive Product Offerings

There really is something for every customer with Watches International. They go above and beyond to satisfy various tastes with one of the most expansive collections in the watch game. From crystal chains and bracelets to ultra-bling watches, silver pendants, and everything in-between – there’s something for every person, age group, and demand.

Their dedication to quality, combined with their vast experience in the retail and wholesale jewelry market, enables them to adapt their products to meet every need. Thousands of hip-hop, streetwear, jewelry, watch accessories, 316L stainless steel, pure 925 sterling silver, solid brass, and Australian alloy products are on display in their 4,200 square feet showroom. This showcase entails an infinite variety of colors, materials, and other items that are sure to elevate your style.

Private-Label Production Services

Also, Watches International is a private label manufacturer for a multitude of reputable brands, including Bling Master, Ice Master, The Oro Collection, and Nw Natural Wood. We offer a varied assortment of customized products. If you are looking for private label, they are happy to work with you at each stage of the production process to make sure that what they are doing matches well with your ideas and vision for your product.

At Watches International the ultimate goal is to deliver affordable luxury items with unique features that appeal to all. For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them on (713) 780-8463 or 44-203-695-1153 (UK). Please take a look at their product selection here

Author:  Christine Duff

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