Weighted Gloves Designed for Golf & Fitness Training

Gone are the skinny, lanky days as being physically fit is the new “in”. Most people are starting to embrace the healthy lifestyle in order to achieve the body, look and the overall healthy wellbeing they want. Going and training in the gym is the new norm.

Quik Hands™ weighted health and fitness gloves are cleverly designed to enhance various sports and fitness activities such as walking, aerobics and golf. Each pair of these stylish resistance-training gloves has a removable weight packet on the back for better adjustment. Wearing them can improve upper body strength, flexibility and balance. They can also elevate the heart rate which can help to improve blood circulation. For golfers, they can add more flexibility and stability to the body, which in turn improves driving distance and decreases the chance of getting injuries.

“People put the gloves on and walk, and they help firm up the back of the upper arm. They also are used in aerobic classes to increase intensity,” says Quik Hands™ CEO and product creator Dieter Thellman.

Studies show that Quik Hands™ weighted gloves can help burn as much as 40% more calories and increase the heart rate by 10 to 15 beats per minute as compared to activities done without using the gloves.

“While seven ounces may not sound very challenging, in fact, it is. I have had boot camp instructors who did not believe the 7-ounce glove would slow them down and they could not finish their classes,” Thellman continues. “I worked with doctors who specified that these weights will do more good than harm. Once you get into heavier weights, the larger muscles take over and they do not allow the smaller muscles in the arms to develop.”

Quik Hands™ weighted gloves come in shades of grey and pink. Choose weights between 4 ounces, 5.5 ounces and 7 ounces. A pair of gloves and one set of 5.5-ounce weights cost around $12 for wholesale orders, and retails at $29.95. There’s also an option to purchase the gloves with a full set of weights at a wholesale price of $22 with a retail price of $49.95. Minimum order is at $150. Each order comes in a nice, colorful packaging.

For more details, visit the website at http://quikhands.com/.

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