Weiner's Ltd: Wholesale Travel Items

Weiner’s Ltd: Wholesale Travel Items

With over 25 years in the B2B sector, Weiner’s Ltd has been the go-to wholesaler for travel size items. Many hotels, hospitals, casinos, bookstores, airports and others alike have been trusting them to keep the products in stock that their customers need the most.

Founded in 1991 by Alan Weiner, Weiner’s Ltd has been catering to travelers with an expansive line of over-the-counter medications and personal care items, snacks, swimwear and clothing, and electronic accessories.

Alan Weiner had an epiphany after traveling the world. Ultimately, it was one in which every other person on the go could have their needs met simply and with ease. Unfortunately, a trip can be hindered when one does not have certain items, and sometimes those items can be hard to get. In turn his vision was to make product available in the places in which travelers would continuously pass through. That desire for a seamless experience was not just for travelers, but for businesses who catered to them.

The team at Weiner’s Ltd has extensive knowledge of the travel industry and the goods that are in most demand. The brand name travel-sized products that every traveler knows and loves are their specialty as they know the difference they make in a person’s time in transit. Some of these products categories include:

Medicine and Health: Medications, pain relief, cough, cold and flu, digestion and nausea, sinus and allergy, first aid, eye care, vitamins and energy supplements.

Personal CareOral hygiene, hair care, bath care, beauty, feminine products, eco friendly/natural products, personal care kits.

Food: Candy, gum and mints, snacks, drinks

Other: Travel gear, seasonal and outdoor, baby products, clothing, and shoes, shelving systems, DIY

Weiner’s Ltd has become the one-stop shop for hotels, gift shops and other retailers ranging from big name corporations and chains to local specialty Mom and Pop stores. Keeping wholesale prices at a competitive rate combined with impressive customer service is the reason for their success and repeat satisfaction. Their representatives can assist in selecting the correct product for your store and ensure your shipments are received in a timely manner. As a result, Weiner’s Ltd has continued to receive a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. For more information or any questions or concerns, you may contact them by the following below. Or check out the website here.


Weiner’s Ltd.
3205 Kinglsey Way,
Madison, WI 53713



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