Wholesale Distributors Fueling The Economy

In recent years, consumers have shown that they have very specific demands: the ability to shop simply, whether on their devices or in person, find exactly what they’re looking for, and have it in their hands as soon as possible.

Retailers have been forced to adapt quickly, developing omni channel options for shopping. The wholesalers they order from have also been affected, changing their strategies as well to  adapt and fill orders. Wholesalers and retailers need to streamline their processes as much as possible to get the products to the customers.

The chain starts at the wholesalers. They have to make their delivery times quicker, so they start with workflow. Their distribution centers and warehouses have to run quickly and efficiently. They also have to keep all information organized, in order to receive and fill orders in a timely fashion. Wholesalers must adapt a B2B solution to help streamline the process and help meet demand.

Wholesalers also need to fix their supply chains in order to get their products to the retailers, while figuring out how to carry a large number of products that may or may not sell. They can spread their inventory among their retail customers so they don’t take on all of the risk of storing product, plus help the retailers get the products into consumers’ hands faster.

Setting up a B2B system that works like a B2C is also helpful in shortening the supply chain. An online product catalog with full inventory and high definition pictures help the customers figure out exactly what they’re ordering. Retailers can order products straight from the sales floor to the customer without taking extra steps like ordering inventory to the store.

Eliminating the need for paperwork can speed up the process by a lot. Digitizing orders and making them automatic removes delays and informs the right person of what is needed to be shipped out quickly.

Wholesalers need to work with retailers to meet customer demand, and those that can deliver fast, quality product wins a major advantage.

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