Wholesale Ladies Clothing for Valentine’s Day

We are just a month away from Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air at LAShowroom.com. The wholesale ladies clothing distributors that are part of our showroom have been preparing their selections for this special occasion. After all, fashion is a fun and easy way to participate in a holiday.

Valentine’s Day is a great moneymaking opportunity for retailers. Consumers send approximately 190 million valentines. Last year, consumers spent an average of $131 on Valentine’s Day purchases. Since the clothing industry is not exempt from this retail opportunity, you will want to shop our selection of wholesale ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day.

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We have provided a variety of wholesale ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day, as seen in the corresponding image. There are styles that are seductive and sultry, with plunging necklines, high slits and lace. These make for great date night styles, or styles for customers who may be headed out to hit the town for a girl’s night out.

We also have more sweet and literal wholesale ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day, with heart emblems and words like “love” and “kiss” splashed across the garment. Of course, when shopping wholesale ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day, you also cannot go wrong with pretty pink and romantic red colors. These colors are associated with Valentine’s Day, yet not limited to this holiday, and are therefore versatile to be worn after February 14th has come and gone.

For a look at more of our styles, head on over to LA Showroom’s Buyer-Lounge for the full story on wholesale ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day.

1. Sexy Diva Dress 2. Anemone Panties 3. Everly Skirt 4. Ardor Apparel 5. Lovposh Jumpsuit 6. Red Velvet Dress 7. Andrea Bijoux Scarf 8. Mad Fit Top 9. GG Glamour Dress

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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