Wholesale Summer Clothes Featuring Pantone’s “Tangerine”

Today’s recommendation from the LA Showroom Buyer’s Lounge focuses on wholesale summer clothes in Tangerine. Tangerine is a specific Pantone shade forecasted by the agency as one of the top ten colors for womenswear in spring / summer 2015. The Buyer’s Lounge has previously discussed CustardScuba BlueStrawberry Ice and Marsala, some of which you may have also seen on Top 10 Wholesale. Now, we change our focus to tangerine, the brightest shade that this seasonal palette has to offer. Nothing says summer like the warm energy of Tangerine. Its striking nature is bold, though not unapproachable. Its bright and fun disposition matches the excitement of summer adventures.

tangerine 1

The LA Showroom vendors have been utilizing Tangerine in their wholesale summer clothes. If your customers are ready to embrace the shade fully, try looks like the bold dress from Poliana Plus or Yetts. For those who may be more apprehensive, we love the duo-fabric items that feature tangerine on the top with a print on the bottom. For the less adventurous still, a simple pop of color in the accessory will be a great way to participate in this color trend. Discover these looks at the links below, and be sure to visit LAShowroom.com and their blog for further suggestions and styles!

tangerine 2

  1. LA Jewelry Plaza Necklace    2. White Mark Blouse      3. Poliana Plus Dress      4. Clothing Of America Yoga Pants      5. 0 AM Romper      6. Lolli Couture Heels      7. Moda In LA Dress      8. Trendi Style Dress      9.Be.You.Tiful Jumpsuit      10. Fashionomics Crop Top      11. LA Jewelry Plaza Necklace      12. Ya Los Angeles       13. Miley and Molly Blouse      14. Vision Tunic       15. Faisca Blouse      16. AGP Apparel Handbag

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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