Wholesale T-shirts Keeping Rising Prices Cool

Wholesale T-shirts might just be the answer to the vexing problem of rising costs for wholesalers who are dealing in apparel and textiles that use cotton. With the rest of the world watching closely to see what’s on sale, there is a new consumer pattern emerging, as hoarding begins to make regular appearances in retail locations and wholesale outlets alike.

Experts are wringing their hands over the prospect that price stabilization will come at the expanse of inflation across the board, but some of the economy watchers are not fully convinced that the downward spiral is imminent, and they are less certain of fallout affecting the wholesale market for long.

With price fluctuations this early in the game, many of the optimistic ones are pointing out that not only will the early bird catch the worm; but there will be a better model developed for dealing with price spikes in the affected sectors that are given attention earlier than others.

Gas and oil are on the rise, as are drug prices, but the fact that cotton showed the earliest climb in import costs was a wake-up call to dealers who now have the ability to protect themselves from another surge. It’s got most in the retail and even the wholesale business worried, but the ones who know what to do to offset the expenses will emerge victorious while the rest are scrambling for a foothold on a tightening market.

T-shirts come to the rescue, as the relatively low cost apparel solution brings a history of highly adaptable fashion sensibility to the table. In terms of sales and marketing, it’s also a very welcome addition to the catalog of offerings that make up the spring wardrobe selections that are already making their appearances this year.

Light and breezy will be the catch words of the season, as shoppers look for clothes that can hang in with them both during work hours, and afterward as well. Long enjoyed as the ultimate fashion chameleon item of apparel, the t-shirt is bringing back a sense of casual style that was lost during the robust years of last decade. In a sense, it’s a good thing we have all had the chance to get stuff work clothes and office casual out of our systems, because t-shirts are making their way back to the streets, as well as the board room.

A widening choice of materials, coupled with the need for innovative new man-made fabrics, will be producing interesting new twists on an old favorite.

Worth noting is the increased attention that will accompany t-shirts’ closest ally; blue jeans. While the prices for both of these popular clothing items will see some rising figures in the coming months, few can argue that there is a better or more functional piece of clothes in the closet today. Unemployment brings stiffer competition for high-profile jobs, but the number of low end jobs will be widening as a reaction to the market, and jeans have become widely accepted as a sort of ad hoc uniform that lasts longer than khakis, and requires little from employers who allow their employees to buy their own.

Wholesale T-shirts ill also be seeing a boost from designers this year, as surf and beach wear will be getting a lot more attention this year. Most of the predictions about what’s hot for 2011 are pointing to casual beach bum wear with urban attitude, and the humble t-shirt fits the niche nicely.

Author:  Rueben Marley

Based out of China since 2006, Rueben Marley has a unique and first-hand perspective on what's shaping the industry today. Learn more about Rueben's career by visiting his Linkedin profile at http://cn.linkedin.com/in/ruebenmarley

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