Wuu Jau: Self Defense Wholesale Weapons

If you’re someone who strongly believes in self-defense and has a taste for knives and swords, Wuu Jau is the place to shop. This business sells all kinds of accessories and weapons to help you find defensive gear for your small store at an affordable price. They have several different categories of goods and you’re sure to find a great wholesale price on whatever you’re looking for. To begin shopping their options, you can head here.

Knives and Daggers

Their first category is knives and daggers. You can shop by color, or specifications of the blade such as a folding blade, fixed blades, or other types of knives they carry. Most products come with a picture and a detailed description of what each knife is capable of. To narrow it down even further, you can decide what type of material your handle will be made of. They have options for aluminum, wood, bone, steel, and other materials.


If you’re looking for a wide range of options for swords, this is the place to be. They have a similar navigation system for this category as well and you can narrow things down to exactly what you’re looking for. They also have plenty of options for accessories to go with your purchase such as sword bags and scabbards.

Security and Self-Defense

For security and self-defense purposes, they have a wide range of items. You can find pepper spray, handcuffs, safety knuckles, stun guns, and so much more. They have several pages of unique items that can help you prepare for whatever emergency you might find yourself in.

They also have a category for miscellaneous items. Throwing stars, tactical knives, or even a tomahawk are some of the options you can expect to find here. You can narrow down to what you want through their categories list on the left-hand side. The final option is to visit their recently added items. Here, you can shop the latest trends at the best prices. If you want to take a look, you can head to this link.

If you’re interested, you can visit their home page and find the greatest products available here.

If you are ready to purchase, they have a 50% shipping sale going on right now. Now is the best time to purchase these goods while you can before it’s too late.

Contact Wuu Jau Co, Inc.

2600 S. Kelly Ave.
Edmond, OK 73013
T: 405.359.5031
F: 405.340.5965
Email: mail@wuujau.com


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