Zombie Slaying Tools, Marvel Comic Tees and More from Rex!

A leader in wholesale self-defense tools and weapons, Rex Distributor has been in business for over 25 years. With their incredible knowledge about their wholesale industry, doing business with them has never been easier.

At Rex, “Total Quality is Top Priority,” and it won’t take you long when visiting their site to realize this.

Recently Rex introduced a huge range of new releases sure to please and we’ve rounded up 4 of the best deals available right now for you.


002 – ZOMBIE KILLER PACKAGE: Like it’s name suggests, this set comes with everything you’d need to slay some zombies! There are a total of 45 knives (15 designs, 3 pcs each) along with spring assist knives, folding knives, a machete, throwing knives and an axe. This package is is currently available at 30% off Level 1 Wholesale Pricing. For more information about this package click here.




003 – BULLET KNIFE PACKAGE: This sweet set of 32 knives are available right now at a great price for wholesalers. Each knife is 4.5” and there are 4 each included with their own multi-colored metal handle. Also included in this set is a belt clip. To inquire about this package, click here.




006- MARVEL YOUTH SHIRT DEAL: If you sell to Marvel comic book fans, this is the deal for you. Rex is currently offering a set of 200 Various Designed Mixed Lot Pieces for a great price. The shirts range in size from small to double extra large. To activate your account now for pricing details, click here.




004-T SHIRT SPECIAL GENERIC SHIRTS: T-Shirt specials like this to too hard to ignore, especially when they’re licensed! This set of 50 mixed lot comical licensed shirts include classic designs like “I bacon bacon, Get Lucky,” and much, much more! Good thing they come in a range of sized from small to double extra large because customers of all shapes and sized will be ordering these as soon as you list them! Got a large customer base? No worries, you can order up to 10 packages! Learn more about, or to order this package, click here.


Rex stocks top brands like CUT USA, Duck USA, ProTek USA, The Bone COllector USA and their own new private-label sporting goods brand, Victory Sports.

Contact Rex now:

5403 Ayon Ave

Irwindale, California 91706

Tel: 626-969-7866

Fax: 626-969-6199

Toll Free: 1-800-237-7640

Email: rexintl1@gmail.com

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