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TopTenWholesale Launches Human-Moderated Search Technology, Refining Vertical Search Results Relevance to Wholesale, Reseller, Auction Businesses

May 16, 2008

SAN DIEGO – May 16, 2008 – TopTenWholesale – a network of online search and advertising sites that serve buyers, sellers, importers and auctioneers of apparel, accessories and wholesale merchandise – launched new vertical search engine technology today that refines results returned to wholesale industry searchers … deploying human-moderated search filters. Called S.A.S.E., for Synonymous Algorithm Search Enhancer, this specialized vertical search feature uses industry expertise, patterns of buyer search behavior and insider knowledge gained by tracking hundreds of thousands of product searches conducted on TopTenWholesale sites.

Benefits of human-enhanced search include correcting quirky misspellings; connecting business searchers to related (alternative keyword) product categories; and refining searches with industry knowledge, all to return the most relevant results to busy managers who are sourcing products and suppliers, or distributors and resellers.

“Sure, our vertical search technology is built on powerful algorithms and database match programs,” said TopTenWholesale CEO Jason Prescott. “What we’ve done developing S.A.S.E. the past two years is match our technology, analytics, search logs and pattern crunching with human judgment, gained at work in wholesaling and search marketing.” This merges best of breed technology with “tribal knowledge” and delivers refined relevant search results to match up buyers and sellers.

Examples of human-powered S.A.S.E. include a sports apparel reseller searching for a supplier of “racing hats” and “Harly gear.” The keyword phrase “racing hats” may draw a blank – No Results Found – from general search engines; or individual key words may pull a million hits on auto “racing” stars and every “hat” in the database. TopTenWholesale’s human-filtered technology instead directs the searcher to sellers of NASCAR-logo apparel from our advertiser network, even if the NASCAR hat-selling advertiser forgot to add “racing hat” to its keyword buy. And S.A.S.E. refined search might suggest related terms like “Sporting Goods,” in case those “racing hats” are actually bicyclist helmets.

Keyword phrase “Harly gear” shows a benefit of human-filtered search: We correct common misspellings and quirky words used in the industry, by changing “Harly” to “Harley Davidson.” Even simple search terms like “handbag” need spell correcting; our logs turn up “hanbag” or “hand ag” (that pesky space bar right below the bottom keyboard row). Because of industry tribal knowledge built into S.A.S.E., a context clue for “Harley gear” delivers search results for leather clothing and accessories … rather than an ordinary search engine’s list of gears, tools or more search questions.

TopTenWholesale (and parent JP Communications) recently placed among the Top 15 Software Companies, ranked by San Diego Business Journal. This launch of human-filtered vertical search -- Synonymous Algorithm Search Enhancer – refines results for specialized business searchers in the wholesale and reseller industries; and it keeps TopTenWholesale ahead of the technology curve.

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Jason Prescott, JP Communications, LLC.