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TopTenWholesale Launches Industry First: Seller Preview Video Ads

Dec 21, 2009

-- New video advertising feature offered to Top Ten Wholesale advertisers including manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, importers and distributors.

SAN DIEGO -- November 17, 2009 -- JP Communications, Inc. – publisher of leading Internet vertical search and directory sites connecting wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors with retail buyers – is the first vertical search engine to offer advertisers Seller Preview, a new video ad feature on TopTenWholesale ®. This new video ad is designed to enhance the trading experience between buyers and sellers, improving the sourcing process for retailers and wholesalers alike.

Seller Preview Is an Industry First in the USA


JP Communications, Inc. is the first vertical search engine publisher in the US to offer this type of video feature enhancement. “We are very pleased and excited to provide this new video feature to our advertisers because it makes trading transactions more transparent and stress free for their customers,” said Jason Prescott, CEO of parent company JP Communications, Inc. “As we continue to invest and innovate at JP Communications, we strive to improve the way buyers connect and source suppliers,” continued Prescott. "Video is the future of online ecommerce because it’s such a compelling way to sell products. Case studies show that video consistently improves conversion rates and revenue for ecommerce merchants,” he added. “Right now, JP Communications is the only vertical search company in the US offering the convenience of video ads for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Just as we were the first to bring online news, blogs and social features to our network, our new precedence for video will surely be followed,” concluded Prescott. 

 “This new video feature gives TopTenWholesale ® a competitive advantage against other wholesale directories and search engines in the online space in the USA and abroad,”


Seller Preview Advantage for Buyers and Sellers

The Seller Preview video feature ultimately helps buyers make a better purchasing decision by providing more insight into the seller’s capabilities. It can give international buyers peace of mind as trust in overseas trade is always a challenge. By viewing the video, buyers gain more information about the seller’s products, staff and warehouse facilities. And since video is proven to engage users, it gives the seller an edge over the competition. Equally important, this feature will improve the clickthrough ratio to the search listings of wholesalers and manufacturers.


How the Seller Preview Video Works


The Seller Preview video is displayed on the search results page through a small video icon next to the search listing for wholesalers, distributors or manufacturers. For example, you can click here to see a Seller Preview video for RG Riley as shown in the image below. The video ad will subsequently be displayed on the search result page.





Seller Preview Information

For more information on the purchase of Seller Preview video ads on TopTenWholesale ®, contact

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