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Wholesale 101

Wholesale 101: A Guide to Product Sourcing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

by Jason Prescott

Overview - Authored by Jason Prescott, who is the CEO of and, you'll quickly gain inside tribal knowledge to one of the hardest businesses in the world to crack. Whether you are trying to make a decision to enter into the wholesale market through dropshipping, importing or manufacturing, Wholesale 101 will give you hands on tested methods, trade shows, communication tactics and tips that will save you an infinite amount of time and money.

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If you ever faced the following challenges or need to brush up your skills on, then you need Wholesale 101 ...

  • Finding the right tradeshows
  • Challenges, risks and what to avoid
  • Useful internet channels for product and supplier sourcing
  • New and emerging trends
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • Communicating overseas in China, India,
    South America and other markets
  • Maintaining supplier checklists and performance reports
  • When to use a trading company, manufacturers rep
    and how to locate them
  • Discovering new online B2B Trade Portals for wholesale prodcuts


Wholesale 101 has been endorsed by the USA's top trade shows and leading trade entites around the world including:

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Skip McGrath

SKIP MCGRATH - Publisher of Online Sellers News

Jason nails it. This is one of the most informative and useful books on Wholesale Sourcing I have laid eyes on in the past ten years. Chapter 2, Stepping Out of The Silo, is worth the price of the entire book. You can't become an expert on wholesale sourcing just by reading a book, but if you take the steps and put Jason's vision to work you will become one. Jason's tips and strategies for attending wholesale trade shows are nothing less than brilliant. I have been going to trade shows for years, yet this really opened my eyes to things I have been missing.

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As an educator in a fashion college, I was thrilled to see a book on sourcing that can be applied to the fashion industry. There have not been any texts/books written on the subject. At best, sourcing is covered as a chapter in a merchandising or manufacturing book. Global sourcing is a key to the success of companies in any industry and the nuances of procedures, issues and relationships in sourcing are a part of any successful company's strategic planning. Jason Prescott's coverage of this topic in Wholesale 101 focuses on today's diverse and technology driven environment and provides insightful information on importance of research, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), and developing strategic partnerships with suppliers.

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Nielsen Expositions

CHRISTOPHER MCCABE - Senior Vice President of Nielsen Expositions

When I first met Jason his energy and passion was, quite frankly, overwhelming. My style is a bit more methodical, so I wasn't sure how best to proceed. After a show cycle or two overseeing ASD, the country's most comprehensive general retail-oriented trade show held twice annually, and seeing Jason in action I arrived at my opinion of him. He is a very smart guy with a unique perspective on a variety of things important to our business; including global trade, international protocol, leveraging the internet, driving value for trade show participants, etc. Upon arriving at that conclusion we've strengthened our business relationship and we look to Jason not just as an important vendor, but in a sense, strategic consultant. What took me a couple of show cycles to figure out, readers of Winds of Trade will know immediately.

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Internet Retailer

DON DAVIS - Editor in Chief, Internet Retailer

The Internet and globalization have transformed wholesaling in the last decade and a half, and Jason Prescott has been an enthusiastic participant in this big shakeup of an important industry. His book ranges widely to provide a broad survey of sources of products and of information, and he provides lots of concrete advice on how to profit from this new age of wholesaling.

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MR. WANG YU - Vice Chairman, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles & Apparel

It is really thrilled to see a friend around me to publish a book of his own. Yes, Jason, with his non-stop ideas, endless enthusiasm and start-right-away attitude to make it happen. That's the entrepreneur spirit he stresses in this book! With his successful and failure stories, he really open a new window for those SMEs whether startups or those facing transitions. While the book tells the sourcing hints, as the biggest exporting county, China's SME suppliers would learn a lot from the other angle.

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JAMES A. KOZLOWSKI - Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Procuremnet Officer for Pepsico Worldwide

Entrepreneurial spirit is the major driving force of our free enterprise system of America. Jason Prescott has certainly demonstrated this spirit as he's built a very successful business from scratch, starting with an idea, coupled with unrelenting drive and determination to make this a reality. I am convinced his book will positively inspire others to step up and become successful entrepreneurs and thrive in today's dynamic product sourcing industry.

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Genco Marketplace

TOM MCELROY - VP, Marketing & e-Commerce, Genco Marketplace and

If you are looking for a one-stop shop that turns the complicated world of sourcing product into a roadmap for success, then I encourage you to buy this book. Jason Prescott not only guides buyers on how to find the right merchandise, but to do so in a way that avoids dangerous pitfalls that erode profits. Businesses can eliminate trial-and-error purchases and increase their likelihood of buying right the first time.

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JAM-N Logistics

BRIAN ROCK - Vice President - International Business Development of JAM-N Logistics

The amount of knowledge and unique insight shared within just a few chapters will not be garnered by most who spend years within the trenches of domestic and international commerce. Jason Prescott shares his many valuable lessons and hits a home run for all entrepreneurs who must consider all options for survival within this rapidly evolving realm business. This very clear and concise creation will most certainly serve as an oracle for many current and future business professionals. Have your hi-light pen in hand as you start flipping the pages!

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Reed Exhibitions

DAVID TOBIN - Vice President-International Sales, Reed Exhibitions

I enjoyed reading Jason's book. He has a unique perspective on global trade and working with international customers. I was especially intrigued by his writings in Chapter 5 about international trade shows. I agree with his advice to SME's to choose the shows wisely. Most importantly, he is correct and saying that pre-show preparation and post-show follow up are most important to a successful event.

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Source Code China

CYRILL ELTSCHINGER - Strategic Advisor & Author of Source Code China

Outstanding business support tool. A "Must Read" for all modern professionals, business leaders & entrepreneurs alike, on their quest to master an always more Global Economy with a chance to succeed. Sourcing is much easier said than done. Finding useful guidelines, current references, and thought leadership scarce. Companies will continue to grow more challenged every day by overseas suppliers that keep on increasing minimum ordering quantities in order to establish commercial relationships. Sourcing is a real challenge for enterprises, across sectors, all competing in a fierce marketplace without boundaries. Don't re-invent the Sourcing-wheel: Read Jason's Book!

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Your satisfaction with Wholesale 101 is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the book and see this as a true reference guide, we will buy back the book from you at the full price you paid minus shipping and handling with copy of receipt within the first 30 days.

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ISBN-13: 9780071811361
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication date: 7/19/2013
Edition number: 1
Pages: 224