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Hair Gain

Hair Gain

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A unique, safe and balanced, natural herbal hair support formula. It helps in the nourishment and healthy growth of hair. These herbs check the loss and premature graying of hair and help stop breaking, damaging and thinning of hair by improving blood circulation to hair follicle. They boost and maintain strength of thick, healthy and long hair.
-For nourishment and growth of strong and lustrous hair.
-Improves blood circulation to hair follicle.
-Helps to boost and maintain strength of thicker, healthy and longer hairs.
-Check loss of hairs and premature graying.
-As a unique body tonic Provide nourishment to the body to Checks breaking, damaging and thinning hair.

Ayurvedic Concept

Nutritional deficiency, infection due to bacterial or fungal growth and hormonal disturbances are some of the factors responsible for Hair loss (Alopecia) and baldness. Heredity also plays a great role in these problems. Stress and strain, aggravates the problem, which involves uprooting of the hair, followed by blocking of "Romkupas" (Hair follicles) and preventing the growth of new hair. The main biological factors involved in problems related to hair are Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), Kapha (Water) and Rakta (Blood). In hair graying, Pita (Fire) is the main Dosha (Humor) followed by other psychological factors such as excessive anger, depression and anxiety. Alopecia is an auto immune disease resulting in loss of hair on the scalp in one or more, small round patches which gradually could lead to baldness or complete hair loss. Hair loss could be due to side effects of medications, dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or inherited characteristics.

There are different types of alopecia like diffuse alopacia, traction alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, androgenetic alopecia etc. According to the Modern Science hair follicles are attacked by one's own white blood cells in the immune system and slow down the growth of hair. Several causes could lead to hair loss like for instance an excess presence of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in hair follicles for men, or hormonal imbalances in women during pregnancy. Other factors like high amount of sebum in the scalp, inadequate nutrition, insomnia, stress and anxiety, diseases like typhoid, anemia, viral infections, antidepressants, chemotherapy used to treat Cancer, dandruff and fungal infections and genetics leads to hair loss or alopecia.

Ayurveda describes alopecia by use of terms such as "Indralupt" "Khalitya" and "Ruhya". When there is a sudden loss of hair, it is considered as "Indralupt", when the hair loss is continuous it is termed as "Khatilya". In Indralupt beard is affected whereas the scalp is affected in Khatilya and in Ruhya the whole body is affected. Ayurveda considers excess consumption of Lavana Rasa (Salt) as a major cause for hair loss. Apart from this the other causes for hairloss mentioned in Ayurveda are excess exposure to water, dust, sunlight or other pollutants, excess sweating, bad sleeping habits, diseases, anxiety, depression, insomnia and an unhealthy life style.

Symptoms related to:

Vata (Air): Hair tends to be deep pigmented, dry, brittle and has split ends.

Pitta (Fire): Hair has golden brown tint with burning sensation, has excessive sweating and engorgement of the vessels of hair follicle.

Kapha (Water): Thick scalp skin, oily hair, white hair associated with excessive itching.


High Quality extracts of Wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. Wild Crafted Herbs are more potent and effective than Cultivated Herbs.

For Best Results
•Best when used with "Blossom Hair Oil" or "Brahmi Amla Hair Oil".
•Washing of Hair gently with Triphala (Soaked overnight in water) will add extra benefits to premature graying of Hair, as well as, in loss of Hair.
•If any menstrual problem is associated as a causative agent of Hair loss then take along with "Femivita" (Female Health) or "Menstro Care".
•For insomnia consider "Sleep Ease". For reducing stress consider "Truecalm" or "Stress Ease". For dryness of Hair, wash Hair gently with overnight soaked water of "Amla Powder".
•In case of dandruff or any skin conditions consider "Blood Cleaner" and "Wondruff Oil".
•Women at menopausal stage are recommended to use this product along with our other product like "MenoAid" (Menopause Health), "Female 30 Plus".

Note: Extra support with small doses of "Shatavari", "Ashwagandha", "Ojas", "Omega Mind", "ChyawanPrash", "Brahmi" etc.

Beneficial with, "Spirulina Plus" as well "Morinda Plus" (Noni).

Foods to Favor

High Protein, Rich Diet like Cereals, Beans, Soybean, Cheese, Milk, and Eggs should be consumed. Increase consumption of green vegetables, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Seasonal Fruits, Sprouted Black Gram (Lentils) and Wheat, Nuts, Coconut and Apricot.

Foods to Avoid

Spicy, Hot Food, Excess use of citrus or Acidic food, Alcohol, Drugs, T

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HerbsForever, an American based herbal company, to distribute the historically effective herbal products internationally.

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