15L/30L/60L/80L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner LC151, LC301, LC602S, LC 802S

15L/30L/60L/80L  Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner LC151, LC301, LC602S, LC 802S
10 Bags
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Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines
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15.00 USD
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The stainless or plastic tank is strong and durable
With a powerful lower-noise 1000W or 1500W motor the vacuum cleaner has a special strong suction.
New-style large wheel plate. It is stable and beautiful.
A complete set of accessories are supplied with the vacuum cleaner.
15L/30L/60L and 80L for different choose.

Item LC-151 LC-301 LC-602S LC-802S
Capacity 15L 30L 60L 80L
Power 1000/1500W 1000/1500W 2000/3000W 2000/3000W
Voltage 220V-240V 220V-240V 220V-240V 220V-240V
Height 580mm 760mm 970mm 1070mm
Tank diameter 345mm 345mm 440mm 440mm
Mode of cooling Circulating air cooling
Air flow rate 48L/S 53L/S 106/159L/S 106/159L/S
Vacuum suction 210/220 mbar 230/240mbar 250mbar 250mbar
Cable 7m 7m 8m 8m
Hose diameter 36mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Net weight 13.2kg 14.5kg 26kg 27.5kg
Gross weight 15kg 16.2kg 27.2kg 29.2kg
Packing 450x415x605mm 438x438x825mm 630x560x1050mm 630x560x1160mm
Accessories Water steak, dust steak, soft tube, round, sofa vacuuming head Lon flat vacuuming head, long connector, steel tube

The wet dry vacuum cleaner usually designed in a simple manner. It makes use of two bucket systems that are used in separating the liquid particles from the solid ones. The cleaner also has an intake port that sucks up all the dirt that will move along a tube with the other wastes that have been sucked up. While passing over the buckets, the air flow decreases. The decline in speed loosens the air’s grip on the particles, with the heavier dirt particles falling into the buckets.
The air current afterward is sucked up via a motorized fan and goes out via the exhaust port. Since the debris and dirt particles are dissolved in the liquid inside the bucket, the air that is expelled via the exhaust port will contain lesser dirt as compared to a normal vacuum cleaner.
Its sounds difficult very much, but very easy to operate it.