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Alcatel-Lucent SDH units

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We have several units available for theĀ Alcatel-Lucent 1660/1646/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626/1642/1643 /1626/1663Series.These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. Please enquire if you are sourcing other components. Please inquiry if you need.

3AL78866AB 3AL78856BB 3AL97086AA CM2009025006
3AL86661AA 3AL86661AA 3AL78815AA 3AL97165AB
3AL87009AA 3AL94253AA 3AL79076AA 3AL97078AC
3AL98128AA 3AL97078AD 3AL97078AC 3AL97079AC
3AL86653AA 3AL78821BA 3AL86653AA 3AL86652AB
3AL98158AA 3AL97309AA 3AL91881AA 3AL79242AA
3AL91881AA 3AL89540AA 3AL97102AB 3AL97102AC
3AL79092AA 3AL97194AC 3AL98009AB 8DG15432AA
3AL81225AA 3AL79076AA 3AL80411AB 8DG59243AA
3AL89794AB 3AG24271AA 3AL81205AA 8DG59242AB
3AL98198AA 3AL86615AC 3AG24183AA 3AL38426AA
3AL78864AA 3AL92154AA 3AL79284AB 3AL81218AA
3AL78836AA 3AL98023AA 3AG24186AA 3AG24103AG
3AL92116AA 3AL98034AA 3AL78938AA 3AL78894CA
3AL97690AA 3AL78833AA 3AL92111AA 3AL98038AD
3AL94249DB 3AL80411AB 3AL78842AB 3AL89590AG
3AL89801AA 1AF00398AA 3AL89801AAAA 3AL81205AA
3AN49399AAAA 3AL91790AA 3AL94304AB 3AL38426AA
3AG24103AG 3AL81205AA 3AL81205AB 1AB196360006
3AL38414AA 3AL85561AA 3AL94639AE 3AL79242AA
3AL89561AB 3AL95238CA 3AG24473AA 3AL97109AC
3AL78838AA 3AL94212AA 3AL79114AB 3AL97109AB
3AL91790AA 3AL79114AA 3AG24161AB 3AL97089AA
3AL91794AA 3AL79773AA 3AL97239BA 3AL97090AA
3AL97795AA 3AL78962AA 3AL78962AC 3AL78836AA
3AL97795BA 3AL94883AA 3AL92156AA 3AL97042AB
3AL98158AA FTRJ8519P1BNL 3AL94478AA 3AL97335AA
3AG24327AA 3AL74452AA 3AL80834AA 3AL97194AB
3AL97239BA 3AL97102AC 1AB162710004 3AL98122AB
3AL98122AB 3AL38426AA 3AL79773AA 3AL81224AA
3AG24161AA 3AL80371 3AL91881AA 3AL98038AD
3AL78896CA 3AL98122AA 3AN51356AA 3AN151356AC
3AL80404AA 3AN51356AC 3AL38426AC 3AL97283AA
3AL78938AA 8DG08840AA 3AL38426AC 3AL81812AA
3AL98116AA 3AL79773AA ? ?

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