MODBUS DataLogger

MODBUS DataLogger
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Specifications -

Operating Voltage - 90-265V AC (SMPS based power supply)

Simple user interface with 16x2 LCD, 4 programmable Key and Status LED’s

PID controller interface
- 2 wire RS 485 Interface (CN+ CN-)
- PID controller supported Maximum 2 PID controller can be connected
- (Vertex VT-4820, Vertex-FY400, Max Thermo, Honeywell, Delta, PPI, Eurotherm, Fuji, West, Yudian)

Direct Computer Interface
- 2 wire RS 485 Interface (PC+ PC-)

Password protected settings

Data Storage capacity
- 5000 Readings for each channel for Printer
- 5000 Readings for each channel for PC

Programmable Logging interval(Print frequency) 1 - 255 minutes

2 ZemLog can be connected to PC for data downloading

Printing option
- Online printing
- Date wise printing
- Page wise printing

Direct Printer (EPSON LX300+) interface, cable supplied with unit

5V-100mA power output for Direct Rh sensors

Memory full (> 70%) Alarm

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