Multifunctional vacuum lubrication oil purifier

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Sino-NSH-LV is a dehydration and degassing unit with thermal and vacuum processing. It is a multifunctional purifier which can treat various kinds of lubricant oils.
Sino-NSH-LV is mainly used to remove dissolved and free water, and particulate impurities effectively so as to increase special index of lubricant oil. Combining with vacuum system, the multi-stage filtration system adopts a high dehydration efficiency . It has a strong anti-emulsifying capability, which could separate the large amount of water from oil and the trance water from oil. The clearness of final oil can be under 6 NAS and water can be under 100 PPM after processing with our machine.
Sino-NSH-LV maintains an optimized structure and safe controls so as to meet comprehensive requirement of transformer manufactures and service companies.