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Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1850TSS
We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1850TSS.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1646/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626/1642/1643 /1626/1663Series.
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL92212ABAA 1850TSS320 8DG08225AAAB 1850TSS320 8DG05413AAAB 1850TSS40
8DG05306AAAB 1850TSS40 3AG24310ABAA 1850TSS5C 8DG05413AAAB 1850TSS40
8DG05307AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG05431AAXX 1850TSS3 8DG05423AAAB 1850TSS40
8DG05308AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG23410AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG05430ADAA 1850TSS40
8DG05308AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG23450AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG05431AAAD 1850TSS40
8DG05310AAAB 1850TSS40 8DG23460AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG05431AAAD 1850TSS40
8DG05313AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG24020AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG05431AAAF 1850TSS40
8DG05313AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG24030AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG07725AAAB 1850TSS320
8DG05340AAAA 1850TSS40 8DG24040AAAB 1850TSS3 8DG07990AAAA 1850TSS320
8DG05340AAXX 1850TSS40 8DG24050AAAB 1850TSS3 8DG07990AAXX 1850TSS320
8DG05400AAAA 1850TSS40 8DG24060AAAB 1850TSS3 8DG07991AAAA 1850TSS320
8DG24070AAAC 1850TSS3 8DG24070AAAC 1850TSS3 8DG08049AAAB 1850TSS320
8DG24070ABAA 1850TSS3 8DG24070ABAA 1850TSS3 8DG08049ABAA 1850TSS320
8DG24080AAAA 1850TSS3 8DG24080AAAC 1850TSS3 8DG08049ABXX 1850TSS320
8DG24080AAAC 1850TSS3 8DG24310AAAC 1850TSS5C 8DG08050ABAA 1850TSS320
8DG05306AAAB 1850TSS40 8DG24310ABAC 1850TSS5C 8DG08051ABAA 1850TSS320
8DG05307AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG24330AAAB 1850TSS5C 8DG08051ABXX 1850TSS3208DG05307AAXX 1850TSS40 8DG24360AAAA 1850TSS5C 8DG08052ABAA 1850TSS320
8DG05308AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG24380AAAA 1850TSS5C 8DG08225AAAB 1850TSS3208DG05310AAAB 1850TSS40 8DG24420AAAA 1850TSS5C 8DG08226AAAB 1850TSS320
8DG05313AAAC 1850TSS40 8DG87202AAAB 1850TSS320 8DG08226AAXX 1850TSS160
8DG05340AAAA 1850TSS40 8DG87202AAXX 1850TSS160 8DG08739AAXX 1850TSS320
8DG05340AAXX 1850TSS40 8DG87205AAAA 1850TSS320 8DG24030AAAC 1850TSS320