PID Temperature Controller

PID Temperature Controller
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Specifications -

Input J Type(-100 – 750), K Type(0 – 1200),RTD Type(-100 – 300)
Displays is available as below
Upper 4 digit shows process value (PV)
Lower 4 digit shows set value (SV)
Setting by 4 key pad (SET,UP,DOWN,NEXT)
Selectable parameter Set point,P,I,D,Cycle time,Alarm Set point, Alarm Type, PID Auto tune
Control action PID,PI,P and On/OFF
Compressor delay in case of cooling action is selected
Output SSR and Alarm Relay
Selectable Alarm mode Process low, Process high etc
Automatic cold junction compensation for thermocouple
Individual LED’s to indicate relay status
Software programmable laniaries
Sensor break protection
RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
Supply 95 – 265 AC SMPS based

Applications -

Laboratory testing equipments
Plastic processing machine
Ovens and furnace
Textile processing machine

Dimensions -

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