Provide for the Alcatel-Lucent 1642EMUX

Provide for the Alcatel-Lucent 1642EMUX
100 Piece(s)
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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1642EMUX.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1662/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series.
Mobile phone ?18610929409
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL97083BDAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012BBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAF 1642EMUX
3AL97083CAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012BCAA 1642EMUX 1AB147830003 1642EMUX
3AL97083CBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97014AAAA 1642EMUX 1AB147830018 1642EMUX
3AL97083DAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97028AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97042AAAA 1642EMUX
3AL97086AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97042ABAA 1642EMUX
3AL97086AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97043ACAA 1642EMUX
3AL97086ABAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ADAC 1642EMUX 3AL97043ADAA 1642EMUX
3AL97161AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97062BDAA 1642EMUX 3AL97045AAAA 1642EMUX
3AL97165ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97085AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97045AAAB 1642EMUX
3AL97165ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97085AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97077AAAB 1642EMUX
3AL97165ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97085ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97077ABAA 1642EMUX
3AL97165ADAE 1642EMUX 3AL97085ABAC 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAA 1642EMUX
3AL97165BAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97159AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAB 1642EMUX
3AL97194ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97164AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAC 1642EMUX
3AL97194ACAC 1642EMUX 3AL97164AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97078AAAA 1642EMUX
3AL97194ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97164ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97078ABAA 1642EMUX
3AL97198AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97164ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97078ACAA 1642EMUX
3AL97213AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97164ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAA 1642EMUX
3AL97213ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAB 1642EMUX
3AL97213ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAC 1642EMUX
3AL97213ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97079AAAA 1642EMUX
3AL97213ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97213AEAA 1642EMUX 3AL97213AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ABAB 1642EMUX
3AL97219AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97213ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ACAA 1642EMUX