Provide for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM

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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1696/1662/1642/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series.
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL78836ADAB 3AL80354AAAA 1AB253330001 8DG15489AAAA
3AL78848BAAQ 3AL80405AAAA 1AB356630027 8DG15611AAAA
3AL78848BAAQ 3AL80417AAAA 1AF00398AAXX 8DG15627AAAA
3AL78848BAXX 3AL80483AAAA 3AL36306AAAA 8DG15627AAAB
3AL78856BAAH 3AL80551AAAA 3AL36306AAXX 8DG15701AAAA
3AL78856BAAH 3AL80768AAAA 3AL36306ABXX 8DG15701AAAB
3AL78856BAAK 3AL80805AAAA 3AL36310AAXX 8DG15583AAAA
3AL78856BAXX 3AL80872AAAA 3AL36311AAXX 3AL78823AAAG
3AL78856BBAG 3AL80882AAAA 3AL37558ABAE 3AL78856BBAM
3AL78856BBAH 3AL80883AAAA 3AL37558ABXX 3AL78856BCAK
3AL78856BBAK 3AL81073AAAA 3AL78815AAXX 3AL78856BEAK
3AL78856BBAM 3AL81073AAAB 3AL78815ABAE 8DG15627ABAA
3AL78856BCAF 3AL81074AAAA 3AL78817AAAF 3AL89794ABACTN
3AL78856BCAH 3AL81246AAAA 3AL78817AAAG 1AB356630031
3AL78856BCAK 3AL81258AAAA 3AL78817AAAH 3AL78836ADAB
3AL78856BDAF 3AL81277AAAA 3AL78817AAXX 3AL79773AAXX
3AL78856BDAH 3AL81288AAAA 3AL78817ABAA 3AL80371AAXX
3AL78856BEAF 3AL81326AAAA 3AL78818AAXX 3AL80404AAAB
3AL78856BEAH 3AL81327AAAA 3AL78821BAAG 3AL80404AAXX
3AL78856BFAH 3AL81342AAAA 3AL78821BAXX 3AL80407AAXX
3AL78865AAXX 3AL81418AAAA 3AL78823AAAE 3AL80411AAXX
3AL78865ABAC 3AL81426AAAA 3AL78830AAXX 3AL80411ABAA
3AL78866ABAC 3AL81435AAAA 3AL78830ABAB 3AL80411ABXX
3AL78962AAAH 3AL81436AAAA 3AL78830ADAC 3AL80492AAXX
3AL78962ACAH 3AL81492AAAA 3AL78830ADXX 3AL80702AAXX
3AL78962ADAD 3AL81611AAAA 3AL78830AEAA 3AL80702ABXX
3AL78962BAAH 3AL81661AAAA 3AL78830AFAA 3AL80741AAAA
3AL78962BCAH 3AL81694AAAA 3AL78831AAAE 3AL80741AAXX
3AL78963ADAA 3AL81775AAAA 3AL78831AAAF 3AL80802AAAF
3AL78965AAAA 3AL81775AAAB 3AL78832AAAF 3AL80802ABAA
3AL79029CAAG 3AL81897AAAA 3AL78832AAAG 3AL80802ABXX
3AL79092ACAD 3AL81916ABAA 3AL78835AAAD 3AL80881AAAC