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?This products is a servo motor-type high accuracy household voltage stabilizer.Low power consumption.reliable work.Hihg accuracy of stabilization. Good for use in regions where the net voltage is much fluctuating.
Input voltage:AC50V~130V or 160V~250V
With over current protector
With output voltage indication
Output voltage:AC220V/110V±2%
With 110V/220V input votage selector switch
7500W~2000W Input160~250V, Output220V±2%
Type The Rated Power External Package Size N.W. G.W. Qty Per Carton
SVC-500N 500W 46.0×24.0×37.0cm 14.5kg 15.5 kg 4PCS/CTN
SVC-1000N 1000W 51.0×28.5×43.0cm 17.0 kg 18.0 kg 4PCS/CTN
SVC-1500N 1500W 49.5×26.5×45.0cm 21.0 kg 22.0 kg 4PCS/CTN
SVC-2000N 2000W 32.0×29.5×55.5cm 18.5 kg 19.5 kg 2PCS/CTN
SVC-3000N 3000W 32.0×29.5×55.5cm 20.0 kg 21.0 kg 2PCS/CTN
SVC-5000N 5000W 42.0×30.5×58.5cm 31.0 kg 32.0 kg 2PCS/CTN
SVC-10000N 10000W 61.0×30.0×30.5cm 25.5 kg 26.5 kg 1PCS/CTN