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To whom it mayconcern,
I am writing this email to reach out to your help with connecting us to cosmetics company in Korea.
My name is Hung, CEO of Sachi Cosmetics Joint Stock Company. We are Vietnam-based company specialized in online performance, especially in the field of cosmetics.
As we are overcoming Covid time, we are actively looking for partners who are seeking this chance to enter Vietnam's market.

As I am aware that your company is specialized in making such cross-country connections, I would want to attach hereby our company profile, together with criteria for the partners that we are searching:
- Partners should not already have any official distributor/branch in Vietnam
- Partners should have promotional videos in Korea for their products, or willing to make such materials
- Their product has not, or just slightly entered Vietnam
- There are positive review of the product/brand on the market
- It is good if the partner has already invested in branding in Korea
- Partner is willing to invest in a branch and/or marketing activities for their brands in Vietnam, so that we can help them manage the expansion/integration into the market.

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