Supply for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM

Supply for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM
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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1696/1662/1642/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series.
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL81249AAXX 3AL81879ABXX 3AL78856BEAH 3AL79090BAXX
3AL81289AAAB 3AL81915AAXX 3AL78856BFAE 3AL79092AAAG
3AL81289AAAB 3AL81915ABAA 3AL78856BFAF 3AL79092ABAD
3AL81289AAAC 3AL81915ABAB 3AL78856BFAH 3AL79092ACAD
3AL81348AAAB 3AL81915ABAC 3AL78864AAXX 3AL79093AAXX
3AL81418AAAA 3AL81915ABXX 3AL78865AAAE 3AL79094AAXX
3AL81427AAAA 3AL86625AAXX 3AL78865AAXX 3AL79107AAXX
3AL81434AAAA 3AL86888AAXX 3AL78865ABAC 3AL79114AAAG
3AL81434AAAB 3AL89561ABAA 3AL78866AAAF 3AL79152AAXX
3AL81434AAXX 3AL89561ABAC 3AL78866ABAC 3AL79163AAAD
3AL81435AAAA 3AL89561ABXX 3AL78895CAAL 3AL79163AAAE
3AL81616AAAA 3AL89668AAAA 3AL78896CAAL 3AL79176AAAD
3AL81617AAAA 3AL89668AAAB 3AL78897CAAL 3AL79177AAXX
3AL81635AAAA 3AL89668AAXX 3AL78898CAAL 3AL79209AAAA
3AL81694AAAA 3AL89669AAAA 3AL78899CAAL 3AL79209AAAB
3AL81879ABAA 3AL89669AAXX 3AL78962AAAH 3AL79242AAXX
3AL81897AAAA 3AL89670AAAB 3AL78962AACN 3AL79263AAAC
3AL81915AAXX 3AL89670AAAC 3AL78962AAXX 3AL79266AAXX
3AL81915ABAA 3AL89670AAAD 3AL78962ACAH 3AL79267AAXX
3AL81915ABAB 3AL89670AAXX 3AL78962ACXX 3AL79268AAXX
3AL81915ABAC 3AL89677AAXX 3AL78962ADAD 3AL79340AAAC
3AL81915ABXX 3AL89678AAXX 3AL78962BAAH 3AL79340AAXX
3AL89561ABAA 3AL89917AAXX 3AL78962BAXX 3AL79451AAAC
3AL89668AAAA 3AL91790AAAB 3AL78962BCAH 3AL79451AAXX
3AL89668AAAB 3AL91790AAXX 3AL78962BCXX 3AL79452AAAC
3AL89668AAAB 3AL91791AAAA 3AL78962BDAD 3AL79452ABAC
3AL89668AAAB 3AL91791AAAB 3AL78962BDXX 3AL79453AAAC
3AL89668AAAC 3AL91792AAAA 3AL78963ACAA 3AL79453AAXX
3AL89668AAXX 3AL78848BAAQ 3AL78963ACXX 3AL79497AAXX
3AL89669AAAA 3AL78856BAAK 3AL78963ADAA 3AL79624AAAE
3AL89669AAAA 3AL78856BBAM 3AL79029CAAG 3AL79631AAXX
3AL89669AAXX 3AL81074AAAA 3AL79029CBAG 3AL79728AAAD