Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1642EMUX

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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1642EMUX.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1662/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series. Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.

jingjingzheng@ding-dian.com Please inquiry if you need.
3AL97004AA 3AL97078AC 3AV650004246 8DG22572AA 3AL97239BA 3AL97077AA
3AL97008AA 3AL97078AD 8DG00223AA 8DG22581AA 3AL97239AB 3AL97077AB
3AL97010AA 3AL97079AA 8DG22549BA 8DG22581AB 3AL97237BC 3AL97077AC
3AL97012BA 3AL97079AC 8DG22550BA 8DG22584AA 3AL97237BA 3AL97165AD
3AL97012BC 3AL97079AD 8DG22552AA 8DG22584AB 3AL97237AB 3AL97198AA
3AL97030AC 3AL97079BD 8DG22554AA 8DG22584AC 3AL97030AD 3AL97213AA
3AL97042AB 3AL97081AC 8DG22561AA 3AL97004AA 3AL97062BD 3AL97213AB
3AL97043AC 3AL97083AD 8DG22564AA 3AL97006AB 3AL97085AA 3AL97213AC
3AL97043AD 3AL97083BA 8DG22566AA 3AL97008AA 3AL97085AB 3AL97213AD
3AL97045AA 3AL97083BD 8DG22567AA 3AL97010AA 3AL97043AC 3AL97164AC
3AL97077AB 3AL97012BA 8DG22568AA 3AL97012AD 3AL97043AD 3AL97193AA
3AL97077AC 3AL97012BB 8DG22571AA 3AL97081AD 3AL97045AA 3AL97193AB
3AL97083CA 3AL97086AB 3AL97012BC 3AL97078AA 1AB147830003 3AL97078AC
3AL97083CB 3AL97161AA 3AL97014AA 3AL97078AB 1AB147830018 3AL97078AD
3AL97083DA 3AL97165AB 3AL97028AA 3AL97194AC 3AL97042AA 3AL97079AA
3AL97086AA 3AL97165AC 3AL97030AC 3AL97159AA 3AL97042AB 3AL97164AB
3AL97165BA 3AL97164AA 3AL97193AC 3AL97079AB 3AL97213AE 3AL97219AA
3AL97226AA 3AL97215AA 3AL97079BD 3AL97219AA 3AL97080BA 3AL97237BD
3AL97228BA 3AL97219AA 3AL97080AH 3AL97228AA 3AL97080BD 3AL97239AB
3AL97228BB 3AL97079AC 3AL97237BA 3AL97228BA 3AL97080BE 3AL97239BA
3AL97231AA 3AL97079AD 3AL97237BC 3AL97080BK 3AL97080BF 3AL97243AA
3AL97234AA 3AL97237AB 3AL97228BB 3AL97080BN 3AL97080BG 3AL97080BP
3AL97234AA 3AL97273AA 3AL97352AA 3AL97080BT 3AL97080BQ 3AL97080BX
3AL97242AA 3AL97343AA 3AL97083CB 3AL97080BU 3AL97080BR 3AL97082AA
3AL97256AA 3AL97256AC 3AL97231AA 3AL97080BV 3AL