Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1662SMC

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Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1662SMC
We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1662SMC.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1646/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626/1642/1643 Series. http://www.ding-dian.com
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL78818AAAC 1662SMC 3AL98009ABAF 1662SMC 1AB147830011 1662SMC
3AL78818AAAC 1662SMC 3AL98009ABAG 1662SMC 1AB162710003 1662SMC
3AL78821BAAF 1662SMC 3AL98009ABAH 1662SMC 1AB162710006 1662SMC
3AL78823AAAF 1662SMC 3AL98009ABAJ 1662SMC 1AB187280031 1662SMC
3AL78830ADAB 1662SMC 3AL98122AAAB 1662SMC 1AB187280033 1662SMC
3AL78830ADAB 1662SMC 3AL98122ABAA 1662SMC 1AB194670004 1662SMC
3AL78849AAAC 1662SMC 3AL98122ABAB 1662SMC 1AB196360004 1662SMC
3AL78852AAAA 1662SMC 3AL98122ABAC 1662SMC 1AB196360006 1662SMC
3AL78864AAAL 1662SMC 3AL78852AAAA 1662SMC 1AB196360007 1662SMC
3AL78864AAAL 1662SMC 3AL79221AAAA 1662SMC 1AB196370003 1662SMC
3AL78865ABAB 1662SMC 3AL79331AAAA 1662SMC 1AB196370004 1662SMC
3AL78866ABAB 1662SMC 3AL79338AAAA 1662SMC 1AB209860001 1662SMC
3AL78916AAAF 1662SMC 3AL79799AAAA 1662SMC 1AB210170001 1662SMC
3AL79088ACAA 1662SMC 3AL80341AAAA 1662SMC 3AL78815AAAE 1662SMC
3AL79088ACAA 1662SMC 3AL80595AAAA 1662SMC 3AL78816AAAH 1662SMC
3AL79092AAAH 1662SMC 3AL80595ABAA 1662SMC 3AL78816AAXX 1662SMC
3AL79092AAAH 1662SMC 3AL80596AAAA 1662SMC 3AL78818AAAC 1662SMC
3AL80341AAAA 1662SMC 3AL81928AAAA 1662SMC 3AL78821BAAF 1662SMC
3AL80341AAAA 1662SMC 3AL98004AAAB 1662SMC 3AL78823AAAF 1662SMC
3AL98004AAAC 1662SMC 3AL98004AAAC 1662SMC 3AL78830AAAL 1662SMC
3AL98004AAAD 1662SMC 3AL98004AAAD 1662SMC 3AL78830ADAB 1662SMC
3AL98009ABAJ 1662SMC 3AL98022AAAB 1662SMC 3AL78839AAXX 1662SMC
3AL98023AAAA 1662SMC 3AL98022AAAC 1662SMC 3AL78839ABXX 1662SMC
3AL98023AAAA 1662SMC 3AL98022AAAD 1662SMC 3AL78840ABXX 1662SMC
3AL98023AAAC 1662SMC 3AL98025AAAB 1662SMC 3AL78849AAAC 1662SMC