Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS

Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS
100 Piece(s)
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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1696MS.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1662/1642/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series. http://www.ding-dian.com
Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.
3AL97875AAAA 3AL86703AEAA 8DG17647DBAA 8DG17647EDAA
8DG17552AAAA 3AL86703AFAA 8DG17647DFAA 8DG17647EFAA
8DG17563AAAB 3AL86703AGAA 8DG17647DHAA 8DG17647EMAA
8DG17564AAAB 3AL86708ACAC 8DG17647DMAA 8DG17647EPAA
8DG17577AAAA 3AL86708ACXX 8DG17647DPAA 8DG17647ERAA
8DG17588ABAA 3AL86708ADAC 8DG17647DTAA 8DG17647ETAA
8DG17588ABAA 3AL86708ADXX 8DG17647EBAA 8DG81002AAAB
8DG17647AAAA 3AL86777AJAB 8DG17647EDAA 8DG81002ABAB
8DG17647ACAA 3AL86777AJXX 8DG17647EFAA 8DG81002ACAB
8DG17647AEAA 3AL86777BFAB 8DG17647EMAA 8DG81002ADAB
8DG17647AGAA 3AL86777BFXX 8DG17647EPAA 8DG81002ADXX
8DG17647ANAA 3AL86778ACAB 8DG17647ERAA 8DG81002AEAB
8DG17647ASAA 3AL86778AEAB 8DG17647ETAA 8DG17647ACAA
8DG17647BAAA 3AL86779AAAB 8DG81002AAAB 8DG17647AEAA
8DG17647BEAA 3AL86779BAAC 8DG81002ABAB 8DG17647AGAA
8DG17647BGAA 3AL86779BAXX 8DG81002ACAB 8DG17647AQAA
8DG17647BLAA 3AL86779BBAA 8DG81002ADAB 8DG17647ASAA
8DG17647BNAA 3AL86892AAAD 8DG81002ADXX 8DG17647BAAA
8DG17647BSAA 3AL86892AAXX 8DG81002AEAB 8DG17647BEAA
8DG17647CAAA 3AL86893AAAA 3AL95238BNAB 8DG17647BGAA
8DG17647CAAA 3AL86893AAXX 3AL95238BNXX 8DG17647BLAA
8DG17647CCAA 3AL95063AAAC 3AL95238BSAB 8DG17647BNAA
8DG17647CEAA 3AL95113AAAA 3AL95238BSXX 8DG17647BSAA
8DG17647CPAA 3AL95113AAXX 3AL95238CAAB 8DG17647CAAA
8DG17647CRAA 3AL95150AAAD 3AL95238CAXX 8DG17647CCAA
8DG17647CTAA 3AL95150ABAD 3AL95238CCAB 8DG17647CEAA
8DG17647DBAA 3AL95150ABXX 3AL95238CCXX 8DG17647CPAA
8DG17647DFAA 3AL95150ACAD 3AL95238CEAB 8DG17647CRAA
8DG17647DHAA 3AL95150AEAD 3AL95238CEXX 8DG17647CTAA
8DG17647DMAA 3AL95150AEXX 3AL95238CPAB 8DG17647DBAA
8DG17647DPAA 3AL95150AFAD 3AL95238CRAB 8DG17647DFAA
8DG17647EBAA 3AL95150AFXX 3AL95238DBAB 8DG17647DHAA