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Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1850TSS

Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1850TSS
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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1850TSS.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/1646/1696/1670/1678/1692/1626/1642/1643 /1626/1663Series. Please enquire if you are sourcing other components. Please inquiry if you need.

3AL92108AA 3AL92151AA 8DG05321AA 8DG24060AA 8DG24030AA 8DG07991AA
3AL92108AB 3AL92179AB 8DG24011AA 8DG24070AA 8DG24030AB 8DG08049AA
8DG05340AA 3AL92191AA 8DG24031AA 8DG24070AB 3AL92110AD 8DG08049AB
3AL92108AC 8DG87202AA 8DG24051AA 8DG24080AA 8DG24040AA 8DG08739AA
8DG05306AA 3AL92212AB 8DG24131AA 8DG24310AA 3AL92108AF 8DG24030AA
3AL92108AD 8DG05306AA 8DG05314AA 8DG24310AB 3AL92112AA 8DG24030AB
3AL92108AE 8DG05307AA 8DG05315AA 8DG24330AA 3AL92113AA 8DG24040AA
8DG24310AB 8DG05308AA 8DG05317AA 8DG24360AA 3AL92191AA 8DG08052AB
3AL92108AF 8DG24070AA 8DG05319AA 8DG24380AA 8DG08739AA 8DG08225AA
3AL92110AA 8DG24070AB 8DG05320AA 8DG24420AA 8DG87205AA 8DG08226AA
8DG05310AA 8DG24080AA 8DG05345AA 8DG08050AB 8DG87371AA 8DG24050AA
3AL92111AA 8DG05413AA 8DG05400AA 8DG08051AB 8DG90031AB 8DG24060AA
3AL92112AA 8DG05423AA 8DG05414AB 8DG87205AA 3AL92114AA 8DG24081AA
3AL92113AA 8DG05431AA 8DG05415AA 8DG87303AA 8DG24310AB 8DG24310AA
3AL92114AA 8DG05307AA 8DG05425AA 8DG87371AA 8DG24330AA 3AL92125AA
3AL92120AA 8DG05308AA 8DG05430AD 8DG90031AB 8DG08049AB 3AL92151AA
3AL92121AA 8DG05310AA 8DG05532AA 8DG90031AB 8DG24330AB 3AL92191AA
3AL92125AA 8DG05313AA 3AL92120AA 3AL92108AB 8DG08049AA 8DG07725AA
3AL92151AA 8DG05431AA 3AL92179AB 3AL92110AA 8DG24350AA 8DG08049AB
3AL92108AB 8DG23410AA 3AL92212AB 8DG07990AA 8DG24360AA 3AL92108AE
8DG05313AA 8DG23450AA 8DG07991AA 8DG08226AA 8DG24380AA 3AL92110AA
3AL92108AC 8DG23460AA 8DG08050AB 8DG90031AB 8DG24420AA 8DG18500AA
3AL92108AD 8DG24020AA 8DG08052AB 3AL92108AE 8DG24431AA 8DG18525AA
3AL92108AE 8DG24030AA 8DG08225AA 8DG08226AA 8DG05413AA 8DG18575AA
8DG05340AA 8DG24040AA 3AG24310AB 8


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