Units for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM

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We have several units available for the Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM.
These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1696/1662/1642/1670/1678/1692/1626 Series. Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.

jingjingzheng@ding-dian.com Please inquiry if you need.

3AL36306AA 1AB158340001 1AB187280001 3AL91792AA
3AL91880AA 1AB176340002 1AB187280002 3AL91793AA
3AL36306AB 3AL80371AA 1AB194670003 3AL91794AA
3AL37558AB 3AL89843AA 1AB194670005 3AL91794AA
3AL91884AA 3AN44747AA 1AB194670006 3AL91795AA
3AL78817AA 3AN49397AA 1AB194670007 3AL91884AB
3AL78823AA 3AN49400AA 1AB196360001 3AL78830AF
3AL78830AE 8DG00219AB 1AB196360002 3AL78831AA
3AL78817AB 8DG00220AB 1AB196360003 3AL91885AA
3AL78821BA 8DG00231AA 1AB196360005 3AN49399AA
3AL91885AB 8DG00233AA 1AB196370001 3AN49400AA
3AL78832AA 3AL78870AA 1AB196370008 3AL78836AA
3AL78834AA 3AL78965AA 1AB196370009 3AL78836AB
3AL78835AA 3AL78994AA 1AB214710001 8DG15238AA
8DG15238AA 3AL79019AA 1AB231410014 8DG15428AA
3AL78836AD 3AL79021AA 1AB231410015 8DG15432AA
3AL78848BA 3AL79027AA 1AB231410016 8DG15433AA
3AL78856BA 3AL79027AB 1AB231410018 8DG15489AA
3AL78856BB 3AL79153AA 1AB231410019 8DG15611AA
3AL78856BC 3AL79180AA 1AB231410020 8DG15627AA
3AL78856BD 3AL79222AA 1AB231410021 8DG15583AA
3AL78856BE 3AL79242AA 1AB231410025 3AL78823AA
3AL78856BF 3AL79317AA 1AB231410026 3AL78856BB
3AL78865AA 3AL79446AA 1AB231410027 3AL78856BC
3AL79773AA 3AL79534AA 1AB231410028 3AL78856BE
3AL80371AA 3AL79545AA 1AB231410030 8DG15627AB
3AL80404AA 3AL79590AA 1AB231410031 3AL89794AB
3AL80407AA 3AL79648AA 1AB231410032 1AB356630031
3AL80411AA 3AL79725AA 1AB231410033 3AL78836AD
3AL78817AB 3AL79727AA 1AB231410036 3AL78823AA
3AL78818AA 3AL79747AA 1AB231410042 3AL81246AA

3AL78821BA 3AL80301AA 1AB231410043 3AL81258AA
3AL78815AA 3AL80354AA 1AB253330001 3AL81277AA
3AL78815AB 3AL80405AA 1AB356630027 3AL81288AA
3AL78817AA 3AL80417AA 1AF00398AA 3AL81326AA
3AL80883AA 3