Vibration Tester AV-160A

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Product Description
The Vibration Tester Applied to the periodic motion measurements to detect moving mechanical imbalances and misaligned. Designed for on-site measuring various mechanical vibration, for quality control, running time and prior equipment maintenance data. Selection of high-performance accelerometers to achieve accurate, replicable measurement It has a bearing condition measurement function.

Product Feature
* In accordance with ISO 2954, used for periodic measurements, to detect out-of-balance, misalignment and other mechanical faults in rotating machines.
* Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commissioning, and predictive maintenance purposes.
* Individual high quality accelerometer for accurate and repeatable measurements.
* Wide frequency range (10Hz~10kHz) in acceleration mode.
* AC output socket for headphones and recording.
* Optional headphones for use as electronic stethoscope.
* Bearing condition monitoring function.
* Use USB data output with connection PC.
* Provide Bluetooth data outputchoice.

Product Parameters
Transducer Piezoelectric accelerometer
Accuracy ±5%+2 digits
Measurement Range Displacement : 0.001-4.000 mm equivalent peak-peak / 0.04-160.0 mil
Velocity : 0.1-400.0 mm/s true RMS / 0.004-16.00 inch/s
Acceleration : 0.1-400.0 m/s² equivalent peak / 0.3-1312 ft/s² / 0.0-40g
Frequency Range Displacement : 10Hz. ~ 1kHz.
Velocity :10Hz. ~1kHz.
Acceleration: 10Hz. ~ 10kHz.
Operating Conditions Temperature : 0-50 ?
Humidity : below 95% RH
Analogue Output AC output 0~2.0V peak full scale (load resistance: above 10k)
Power Supply 4x1.5vAAA (UM-4) Battery
Size 140x70x30mm
Weight 130g (Not including Batteries)

Product Accessories
Standard Accessories Main Unit
Magnetic suction seat
Probe (cone) / Probe (spherical)
Portable box
Piezoelectric sensor
Carrying Case
Operation Manual

Optional Accessories