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ceramic membrane structure


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Uploaded by Nanjing Tangent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd on July 07, 2015

Inorganic membrane is a porous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Alumina or Titania , Zirconia oxide under ultra-high temperature. Ceramic membrane normally has an asymmetrical structure with porous support active membrane layer. The macro porous support ensures the mechanical resistance while the active layer functions separation ranging from microfiltration, ultrafilatration and even nanofiltration (from 10?m down to 1KD). Ceramic Membrane always runs at a CROSS FLOW FILTRATION mode. The turbid fluid goes through membrane layer inside the single channel or a multichannel at a high velocity. Driven by Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP), the clean liquid with micro-molecule pass through the membrane layer vertically to permeation, the solid and big molecule is rejected in retentate. Thus the feed fluid is clarified, concentrated and purified.


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