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Fuel reclamation on UVR unit by Globecore


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Uploaded by PC GlobeCore on May 15, 2014

Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR by PC Globecore transformer oil before and after regeneration on UVR cleaning system
Do you still buy new transformer oil? Start regenerate yours used oil on oil regeneration plant UVR by PC Globecore and reduce your operating costs.

Our fuel, oil cleaning units remove contaminates, such as acids, mercaptan, sulfur, aromatics and other impurities from diesel fuel and all light mineral oils such as transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil.
The Unit, which represented in this video, prepared for shipment to the client.
UVR 450/16 unit is made for clarification of matters such as gasoline, kerosene, gas-condensate, diesel fuel and other light mineral oils.
Gasoline purification productivity - 1000 kg/h
Productivity of installation can be always increased in 2-3 times, you only need to buy supplementary blocks which are produced at our plant.
Completion period of this installation is 30-35 working days.


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