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Uploaded by Intertech Machinery Inc.(Taiwan) on February 03, 2017

Plastic injection mold, injection molding, silicone mold, rubber mold , LSR mold
Intertech Machinery Incorporation (Taiwan)
Please visit our website to know how we can contribute to your molding project.
Our Professionals:
1. Making interchangeable cores mold : a most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process. Suitable for customers looking for "more variety but less quantity" solution. With only one mold, it can efficiently generate different kinds of products,

2. Making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. parts mold with high gloss polishing and Mold-Tech texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting parts, outdoor LED parts projects.

3. Making gas assisted injection molds and products projects ...mostly applied in projects like the thick handles, monitors, the frame of TV cabinet etc, which prevents the shrinkage mark, improves the strength of the


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