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MPPT controller from Bangzhao electric


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Uploaded by Yueqing Bangzhao Electric Co.,LTD on April 13, 2019

1. The solar charge controller adopts industrial-grade chips to ensure the stable feature of controller

2. Excellent EMC design

3. High efficient MPPT charging technology which has three charging stages (buck charging stage, equalize charging stage and float charging stage), and improves battery storage efficiency and charging efficiency.

4. Advanced battery activation technology which increases battery lifetime 30% at least and improves the system performance

5. The 30A to 300A solar charge controller adopts imported IGBT power module or MOSFET as electronic switch which can improve the stable performance of controller. There aren’t any mechanical switches in the system

6. LCD will display the system status and working parameters

7. Parameters setting flexibly

8. Users can parallel connect lots of the controller is a system


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